Sister Paschal

After 20 years in ministry in Belize, Sister Paschal made the decision to return home. Home, as she calls it, is Nazareth, Kentucky.

“This has always been home to me.” She said during all her years away, she continued to make an annual visit to Nazareth. “That makes a difference,” she said.

Her decision to return home came after a few changes in her living situation in Belize. “I knew it was time to retire due to my age and changes in Belize. I would be alone soon because my housemate was going away to study. I knew I couldn’t be alone.”

She said she was not fearful of this major life change. “I had enjoyed all of my missions before and I had success and handled the difficulties. I knew I could handle any difficulties. I knew I couldn’t do here what I did in missions but I let leadership know I was ready to move.”

Sister Paschal has been able to keep busy in her new home in Carrico Hall and has found new ways to be in ministry. “When I came here, Sisters remembered that I sewed and could mend clothes. I find that very fulfilling, I love to do that.” Sister Paschal also crochets hats and scarves for the homeless.

A known storyteller, Sister Paschal was asked to help interview other SCNs for the Marie Mernard Committee. She also donates her time to Water for Blessings. She says she still has a good level of energy and likes to help out with many things that come up.

Retirement has allowed Sister Paschal more time to focus on her prayer life. She loves to read and now has more time to devote to it.

“I love retirement. Everything is free and open. I don’t find myself limited at all. No matter what I need or want, I can do it myself or find someone to help. Everyone is so generous and helpful. I do feel free here. I can go anywhere I want to go. I don’t drive anymore but some is always willing to take me.”


Spirit of Life, Source of All Blessing,

We gather this day as those who have received,

And for that we give thanks.

We receive beauty in the turn of the seasons.

we receive comfort in the presence of each other,

we receive hope in the sounds of children,

and renewal in the reminder of how precious life is.

May we count all our blessings, and know them by name,

and may we make our blessings count.

May we convert the abundance of what we receive

into the fuel that sustains our generosity

through the days of adversity and hardship

when it might seem we have nothing to give.

Let us remember how much only a little can do,

and dig deeper, and offer forgiveness, a listening ear,

a compassionate heart, and a mindful presence,

to all we encounter.


from “Faith Rocket” – adapted



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