Sister Mary has lived in Carrico Hall on Nazareth Campus for about 2.5 years. Prior to moving in, she lived on the other side of Nazareth Campus in David Hall. Due to health problems, she first moved in to Carrico Hall for a short stay and then returned to David Hall. But after prayer and discernment, she decided to return to Carrico Hall.

“I wanted to make a decision based on my reality. At that time my health had changed considerably. I just tried to be real.”

She said her greatest hesitation was giving up her active ministry “as I had known it for 70 years.”

“I was pretty well settled. ‘What would I do in retirement? Would I be bored? Would I feel impeded?’ There were challenges but I was surprised how many blessings that are here.”

She enjoys the privilege of leisure time for prayer and reading and daily Liturgy. “That is a real gift,” she said.

“I discovered my ministry wasn’t at an end, it was just changing.”

Sister Mary has enjoyed the new opportunities for Community living. “It was a real joy to renew friendships from 70 years ago and get to know Sisters I hadn’t known so well before.”

She said she prays often for her Sisters still in active ministry.

“I am still able to give. That’s what our lives are all about. I’m blessed by the kindness of those around me and by the beauty of nature. I couldn’t be bored here. I have wonderful joy in these years of my life.”

Sister Mary said she tries to take life as it comes. “Thin letters they were called. You’d get a thin letter and we’d have to leave a place we loved. If I could live that way, than I can live with this. This is my last thin letter.”

Sister Mary advises acknowledging your fears. “Cry if you need to. Grief is a part of difficult change. And after you cry, you then do what you’ve always done, be with God, remember you’ve had thin letters before. Joyful blessed days can await us when we come home.”

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