Sister Loretta made her own decision to make a change in her living situation. But it didn’t happen quickly. In fact, she put it off for as long as she could.

“I thought about it for a long time,” she explains that she first had to admit her need for more help to herself. Then she had to tell her housemates. And finally she met with the Motherhouse Coordinators.

“I made the decision to come. I have hearing problems, other problems, I’m just old,” she laughed.

After admitting to herself her struggles with memory loss, she went to the Coordinators and asked to be moved so she could receive daily assistance.

Prior to her move, Sister Loretta ran the Guest House ministry on Nazareth campus for 11 years. But she found she could no longer take the steps. She needed help with daily tasks.

She advises taking an active role when making a move. “I had the choice of moving to the Motherhouse or Carrico and I chose to go right to Carrico. I’m happy I did. I got to pick out my own room. I had my mind on the third floor. I wanted a window with a beautiful view.”

Sister Loretta has always been quite independent. She joined the SCN Community at the age of 31 and remained autonomous throughout her life. “I had done everything on my own and it was hard giving that up.”

She said handing her medication over to staff was a challenge. “I couldn’t do everything I’m used to but the nurses here are outstanding and they understood my feelings. For a while, I had a hard time. I was so used to doing it myself.”

Although she had prepared herself for moving day, she admits to being overcome with emotion when staff began boxing and moving her things. “I had been by myself for so long that I thought I was in charge. But I guess you never really are! I am a peaceful person and that peace did finally come.”

Sister Loretta was happy that her computer came with her to her new home. She enjoys using the computer to make birthday cards and keep up with the SCN Community. She enjoys helping her Sisters whenever she can. She plays cards with friends and receives regular visits from her former housemates.

A pleasant surprise in her new home has been the reconnecting with her old friends. She said she now gets to spend every day with Sisters she hadn’t seen in years. Some she had not seen since they made vows. “We are a close group that goes to breakfast together and now we don’t have to wash dishes or cook!” she said.

She is impressed with the staff and level of care she receives. She said the food service, housekeeping, and all the workers are such a wonderful group. One nurse in particular quizzes Sister Loretta each time she sees her, covering her own name badge, she challenges Sister Loretta to say her name without reading her badge. Sister Loretta has never met people who take care of others like they do. “I pray for them every day, whatever crew is on duty.”

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