Skill development program in Mokama

The newly professed Sisters and the second year novices attended a ten-day skills training in communication, leadership, and personality development at Nazareth Convent, Mokama, from April 17, 2017. As a resourceful teacher and guide, Marianne Puthoor, SCN, encourage Sisters to make their minds active to express thoughts creatively and to be attentive listeners. Slowly and surely hesitancy and fear are being replaced with courage and confidence to make better public speakers.

Each morning begins with yoga and meditation. Daily, an inspirational quotation is shared. Every day they have a new “guardian angel” for listening to and sharing our thoughts.

During the daily seven hours of class, they get ample opportunity for effective communication through debates, speeches, drama, and conversation. Creativity is ignited by composing riddles, poems and vocabulary building. Finally, they feel that they now know what it means to listen, concentrate and “being present to the present.”

“Being challenged and encouraged, we are inspired to become effective leaders. On the first day of the program, we were told that ‘we are to envision and bloom as the ten best leaders of our Congregation.’ It’s a training, learning by doing. Indeed we believe change is possible as our motto is: Begin small, begin today and begin with oneself and it is happening in us. Yes we can.”

Newly professed Sisters & the second year novices / More photos

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