At Saint Joseph Hospital (SJH) in Lexington, Kentucky, the tradition of care and charism of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth continues today.

When Laura Babbage, the market director of mission, wanted to share the SCN history including Sister Euphrasia Stafford, the first SJH administrator, with employees, she created a video. Sister Euphrasia is an inspiring example and model of the SCNs. “I do still hear her voice when I listen quietly in the hallways,” says Laura.

The video was shared with Michael Leo Mullaney before her passing in September. Alert and communitive she nodded her approval. When Laura told her she needed to be featured as well as the last SCN to run SJH, she smiled.

The script for the video was written based on Sister Frances Krumpelman’s book, “A Story of Saint Joseph Hospital” and with her guidance. Since an actual habit of Sister Euphrasia’s time was not available, the actor improvised with an apron and bonnet.

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