Betsy Haley from St. Mary’s Ryken in Leonardtown, Maryland, shared the following about a recent visit from Sisters.

Last Friday, we were honored by a visit from a number of Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Sister Mary Elizabeth Miller was here, who was our current principal, Dr. Cathy Bowes’ principal when she was a student at St. Mary’s Academy (now St. Mary’s Ryken). With her was Sister Luke Boiarski. Several students met the Sisters as well and the group photo is attached.

The purpose of the visit was for Sister Mary Elizabeth to reconnect with Cathy Bowes (past principal with new school principal) and for the Sisters to discuss with our administration about ways we can incorporate relics or symbols of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, on our campus. Additionally, the Sisters visited our Caritas Resource Center which is located on our campus. This is a community resource for those moving from homelessness to housing and students volunteer here to help prepare furniture and other household items ahead of the moving day.