When there is a will there is a way

Manish proves that people who are dealt dire circumstances can overcome and live productive lives given proper care, guidance, and opportunity.

Manish is 18 years old. He lives in Koldanda Village in Birendranagar, Nepal. He has no parents and he lives with his sister’s family where he has rented a room.

Sister Rosita Kavilpurayidathil found him when he was just three years old, the youngest among four children. At age three he was a malnourished child. Unable to walk or talk. His father worked as a porter and his mother had no work. Both were illiterate and very poor. The father left in search of work, never to be heard from again. The mother looked after the children by doing labor work.


Manish regained his health due to supplementary food provided by the Sister’s ministry site in Western Nepal, Navjyoti Center, but he remained mentally impaired due to the malnourishment.

He joined the Sister’s Navjyoti Children’s Center in Koldanda. Soon after Manish was admitted to St. Xavier’s Social Service in Kathmandu, Nepal, for schooling. He remained there for three years, but could not study in the standard school setting. He returned home.

He helped his grandmother to break stones near the river, a manually grueling and labor intensive occupation often paying low wages. After his grandmother fell ill and passed away, Manish was homeless. At the age of 15 he tried to do porter work, but his health did not permit him continue this heavy labor.


Manich (named changed) stands with his bicycle and cart in Birendranagar, Nepal.

He began to transport materials with a four wheeled cart. He was able to earn a living, but the cart was taken from him and he was left penniless.

The Sisters at Navjyoti Center decided to help. The Sisters helped to purchase a cart in his name. He has turned this into a successful business for himself.

It has been long road for Manish and a very harsh upbringing to make it to this point in his life. Today Manish is very proud to be living on his own. He saves his income to buy a better cart, to find a life partner, and to one day have a home of his own.

The name of the young man has been changed for this story.