‘Here I am Lord, Send Me’

SCNs Chandrakala Tigga, Franciska Sanga, Suchita Kujur and Sushila Marandi took their Perpetual Vows affirming their call to follow God in the SCN Congregation in Mokama, India, on May 8, 2017. Sister Basanti Lakra, Provincial, representative of the President of the Congregation received their vows. The main celebrant, Reverend Father Prem Prakash, vicar general of Patna Archdiocese concelebrated the 10.30 am Eucharist with seven other priests. The SCN Candidates ushered the vow group, priests, family members and SCNs Basanti Lakra, provincial, Philomena Kottoor, vice provincial and provincial elect and Josita Eniakattu, the director of tertianship program into the beautifully decorated chapel with an entrance dance. Sister Josita welcomed the guests and all present. The Mass was in Hindi. Hymns were in Hindi, Sadri, Santali, and English.

In the homily, Father Prem said that the Congregation is going to place great responsibilities on the shoulders of these four young Sisters for the sake of community and the humanity. You are no more a child and can no longer say that I am young like that of Jeremiah 1: 4-10, (first reading). A mission is given to you to spread the message of the gospel in the world. Your community and God depends on you to complete your mission. God has placed God’s Spirit within you. It is the greatest gift that God has given you. You will succeed in your mission. He further urged these Sisters to follow three things in life. First, do not separate yourselves from the Eucharist for it is the center of our life. In Eucharist, we encounter the risen Jesus who shows us the right way. Second, do not disconnect from Mother Mary. There will always be troubles in life. Run to Mary with all your troubles for consolation. Third, do not disconnect from your Congregation. If you stand here with full of confidence to say yes to God, it’s because your Congregation has educated you, accompanied you and empowered you. Always remain loyal and grateful to your Congregation. Keep up the unity of the Congregation and give your full participation in its mission. If you follow these three things in your life you will not be disappointed in life.

At the end of the Mass, Sisters cut the cake and danced to the dining room with the beating of the traditional tribal drum and all enjoyed a festive meal. Many family members, friends, and SCNs were present for the celebration.

We wish you, Sisters, the very best as you have said, ‘Here I am Lord, Send Me’, go forth with confidence, the Congregation is with you.

Malini Manjoly, SCN


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