Amidst the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown, Sisters Asunta Rose Kujur, Amal Rani, Asha Kattepoggu, Reema Tigga, and Stella Mary daringly professed their perpetual ‘Yes’ to the Lord in the form of their final vows in the presence of SCN Sisters, Novices and Candidates in Chandapura on May 16, 2020. Unlike other times, this time the chapel wasn’t full of SCNs, religious sisters, priests, and the loved ones of our sisters, but though the physical presence was missed the spiritual oneness was felt throughout the occasion. OSFS Priests Bijesh Thomas and George willingly celebrated the Holy Eucharist and their community generously offered bunches of flowers for the occasion.

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SCNs accompanied our tertians towards the altar substituting their parents as they couldn’t be present for the occasion. The theme for their liturgy was ‘Called to be Prophets for Christ’ illustrated through a beautiful Logo. Sister Amrita Manjaly, Provincial of Bangalore, received the vows of these sisters as the delegate of the President of the Congregation and congratulated them as they have now become fully-fledged Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Sister Philo Kottoor, Provincial of Patna, Sister Basanti, Tertians, and few other sisters from Mokama witnessed their vows ceremony via zoom. Sisters Asha and Amal gave the vote of thanks which was a very emotional moment for everyone present. The whole community in Chandapura contributed extraordinarily to make the occasion nothing less than the best day for the new perpetually vowed sisters.

The celebrations had begun a day earlier with the ‘Haldi Rasam’ a ritual in India for a woman who gets married. A beautiful prayer service was conducted by the young sisters and a candle was offered to each Tertian symbolizing to be a light for the world. (The haldi rasam was organized where the sisters, novices and candidates applied Turmeric, poured Coconut milk and blessed the tertians with rice, as is the custom. A lot of dance and singing added to the tone of celebration.)

As the readings of the day reflected aptly, God has chosen, dedicated, and appointed these sisters to be prophets for the Church, the world and for the community in the present times, let us continue to keep them in our prayers.

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