Sisters at Pabalelong Hospice, Metsimotlhabe, Botswana, organized a day of health and wellness with diabetic screenings for the people of Metsimotlhabe Village. Members from the Diabetic Association of Botswana assisted the Sisters in education and screening.

The participants met early morning at the Kgotla (village meeting place) for prayer. Kgosi Raphael Mmipi, the village chief, addressed the group. Then the participants had a short walk from the Kgotla to the hospice, which was followed by aerobics.

The members of the Diabetic Association gave health talks. Followed by this all the participants were screened for high blood pressure and diabetics. Around 50 people were screened and two were identified with high blood pressure and one with diabetes. They were immediately referred to the nearby local clinic. They commented, “You have saved my life. Right away I am going to the doctor.”

Though diabetes and high blood pressure are alarmingly increasing in the country, people generally do not go for a general checkup. They only come to know about their status when they are struck with symptoms. Stroke and paralysis due to these are becoming common.

SCNs Sunila and Vinaya