True to its name “The House of Hope”, Beena Chirackal, SCN and Sisters were able to give not only hope but were able to rescue a girl from the “Domestic maid racket.” Sangeeta, a young girl of sweet seventeen knew very little when she boarded the train with her village Aunt that she was being taken to be a domestic maid in Delhi.

The story of Sangeeta

Sangeeta had completed her Metric and wanted to join the SCNs and was recruited by Leena Toppo, SCN. When she was ready to go to Gumla, a woman from her village told her family that she was working with sisters in Gumla and would bring Sangeeta to the convent. So the family sent off Sangeeta with her aunt around Nov. 2010.

After boarding the train, Sangeeta discovered that they were not going to Gumla, but heading for Delhi. On reaching Delhi, her uncle Albert, placed her as a domestic maid in a family in Sarita vicar. She was sold for Rs. 12,000 by Mr. Albert to the particular family with two boys of 10 and 7 yrs. of age, whose parents were both working. Sangeeta slowly got into the household work but was not happy to continue with it. It took about two months for Sangeeta to discover the possibilities of telephoning Sr. Leena and let her know about her fate.

Sister Leena, upon hearing her tale, gave her the telephone numbers of SCNs at Delhi. On March 3, Sangeeta called Sister Beena at Asha Niwas and asked her to save her from the ill treatment of the people and she pleaded with Sister to rescue her from them. She did not know the house number or the name of the owner except the street they lived and the telephone booth she made the call from. Hearing her story Sister Beena went in haste with the driver in search of the young girl. She looked for her around the area for about three hours in vain and returned home disappointed. That evening Sangeeta called again and this time she gave the house number and the locality where she lived. The next day Sisters Beena and Nirmala headed for the house without knowing what to expect, but trusted in the Lord and believing that all shall be well.

On the way they called the number which the girl called from last and by God’s grace it was the land phone of the house where she lived and the owner responded. With her guidance we reached the right place and found Sangeeta safe and sound but strong in her desire and decision to leave Delhi and go back to Gumla. After about two hours of hearing the woe of how the woman was cheated by the agent and her displeasure in letting Sangeeta go without any help we left the decision to Sangeeta where to come with us immediately or to leave after few days. But Sangeeta had no other thought except to come with us immediately. After few more exchange of views and assurance of safety Lila, the owner “Released Sangeeta and delivered her safely in the hands of the rescue team. “Sangeeta lived happily for the past 3 weeks along with the children at Asha Niwas and regained her original self. In the meantime, Sister Leena was contacted and arrived. Sangeeta left for her home with the Sister to continue her studies and with a firm desire to be a nun and serve the people especially work for the poor, the marginalized and the socially challenged.

We wish Sangeeta God’s continued protection and care.

Written by Nirmala Mulackal, SCN

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