Anjana Kunnath, SCN, recently taught a two-hour class on women’s health at the government residential facility in Mahuadanr in India. Over 118 students from class six to eight were in attendance. Many of the young women are from socially and economically challenged communities, and some are orphans.

Through a documentary film, “Paheli ki saheli,” the young women were taught about their bodies and in particular, menstruation. Sister Anjana elaborated on the topic saying “let’s end the hesitation around menstruation.” Trying to take away any embarrassment or confusion, Sister Anjana explained that one’s menstrual cycle is a normal process in a young woman’s life. Talking about the menstrual process is sometimes considered taboo among Tribal women. After watching the film, and Sister Anjana engaging in further discussion, the young women were encouraged to ask questions. In addition to learning more about their bodies, the young women also discussed proper disposal of sanitary products related to menstruation.

Sister Anjana networks with the many of the non-governmental and government organizations in the area of healthcare in Mahuadanr valley. She is a trained nurse with an interest in treating people with naturopathic medicines which she cultivates and prepares it at the health center.

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