In the remote village of Kutuderi, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are busy rendering compassionate coronavirus care under the leadership of social worker Sister Franciska Sanga at Jeevan Jyoti health clinic.

Sister Franciska heard that a well-known villager of the area had died from the coronavirus. The news jolted her and somewhat fearful she ventured out to get more details of the situation. The realities of the pandemic thrust her into immediate action. Single-handedly she visited all the houses in the village giving them an awareness of the precautions, hazards, and the importance of being tested for COVID-19.

At first, villagers were scared and did not respond to the initial efforts. She repeated her rounds including the local PHC which was ill-equipped to handle the worsened situation. Next, her visit was to a government hospital and local government officials. She has managed to receive collaboration of them all and the facilities at the PHC have improved including better COVID-19 testing.

Along with her staff, she is now engaged in preparing “home horlicks” a nutritive homemade brand; made of cereals and lentils which will provide nutrition to the coronavirus patients. This will be home-delivered. Networking efforts are happening with local SCN communities and other NGOs at the block level.

A single human cry listened to with the heart can have cascading effects on genuine compassion. Let us wish loving support to Sister Siska and all those collaborating with her to make the presence of Sisters felt at this time of this health emergency.

Sister Amelia