Here is what Sister Brenda Gonzales says of the moment:

“It was worth waiting 7 ½ hours to see him close up. I was at the Basilica in 1979 for the first Mass of Pope John Paul II, so this was wonderful because I really admire Francis. I shared a bench with two women from Kerala, so we talked a lot. Being from the Metro DC area has afforded me to be physically present for: JFK’s funeral at Arlington Cemetery on the front row so saw everything up close and for a 6th grader that was great. Then I begged my dad to take me to the Lincoln Memorial for the MLK ‘I Have a Dream Speech’ and then this moment leaves me speechless.The crowd was mainly people of color around me waving their native flag with the Papal flag.

I decided I will watch him tomorrow on my aunts couch and not go through all this again with no bench tomorrow.”

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