“The New Leader” is a National Catholic Fortnightly of the Archdiocese of Madras-Mylapore, Tamil Nadu, India. They recently published her poem on farmer’s rights.

Our Farmer Brethrens’ Grievances Need to be Heard

Before a meal, we thank God for the food

We also need to thank and bless our farmers.

With their hard work and sacrifice

We are able to sustain life.

Our country is an agricultural country

Majority of our people do the farming manually

Our people spend hours in the rain and in the heat

To co-operate with Mother Earth to produce food.

We need to be more aware of their hardships

And be grateful for their service to humanity.

Our country has ample number of educated people,

Scientists, doctors, engineers and educators

Who could be a support group to our farmers?

So often we see news that farmers giving up hope in life 

Due to difficulties which they are unable to compact.

Is it a signal for us to be awakened in our mind and heart

To be more compassionate and understanding to our farmers? 

Jesus had special love for farmers as He refers to planting, harvesting,

Sowing seeds and pruning as an example in His teaching.

Jesus, be a constant companion and walk with our farmers  

In good times and hard times to face life, trusting in your love.  

Sarita Manavalan, SCN