On June 1, Paris Slapikas, SCN, will begin a new ministry as director of Sister Visitor Center in Louisville.

Sister Visitor Center, a Catholic Charities program, provides emergency services to the West End of Louisville. The ministry believes in the tenets of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and sheltering the homeless. They offer emergency assistance with rent and utilities, and have just opened a new, “Pantry of Choice” food pantry.

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have a long relationship with Sister Visitor Center and many SCNs have volunteered. Rebecca Miles, SCN, was the director from 1991-2011.

Sister Paris, who earned her master’s degree in executive leadership and organizational change in August will be able to apply what she has learned in school. In her role she will oversee all operations and finances. She said it’s a staff of about 10, of which most are new so much of her work will go to team building and development. Sister Visitor Center is looking to expand its services and outreach and she is excited for the opportunity to network and partner with existing agencies.

Sister Paris will be out in the community, engaging with West End residents and raising awareness of the ministry. “I’m not sure people realize this Catholic presence is here. I really want visibility and partnership. I want to get to know businesses big and small and really get to know the community, they can help me identify what the needs are.”

Sister Paris hopes the SCN presence will continue. “A lot of the services rely on volunteers. I would love to see SCNs volunteer!”