A young girl waiting for company

I spent my first day in Haiti asking many questions.

Why are there so many people living in such disparity? How do these people survive? What is my purpose in coming? Why am I so blessed?

Questions that I have asked before on mission trips but the vastness of poverty in an area devastated by earthquakes and political corruption over the years is so in your face.

We, as a group, fed people who waited in line for hours for a simple meal of rice and beans. We also fed children at a local school. We visited the dump area where many families are trying to survive.

My journey is one of questions, reflection and prayer.

Sister Luke’s group at Food for the Poor

Children receiving food at school

Tent city

Warehouse food bank

Luke Boiarski, SCN, Carletta and Phil Fortwengler, SCNA Candidates, their granddaughter, Morgan, and Rev. Jim Graf, SCNA, are in Haiti until July 15. They are working with “Food for the Poor” to help victims of the 2010 earthquake. Please pray for safe travel.

Communicate with the Sisters.

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