Sister Jessie Saldanha (far right) puts on multiple hats as the crisis caused by the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many in panic and grief. Recognizing that more hands were needed to assist the patients getting admitted to the hospital, she gave a training session to her team of pharmacists on “Caring for COVID-19 patients”.

Here is a touching message from one of her clinical pharmacists:

“While on duty in the COVID-19 ward, one of the nursing staff was not keeping well. I helped her to write the Rx for all medicines near the patients’ bedside and made hot water for some patients; then some elderly patients complained of having severe back pain and were crying. I helped them by giving them a massage. I got blessings from them. Felt really good. Until 3:15 a.m. I worked because medicines came late, and I had to separate them to help the nurses.”

Sister Jessie requests everyone to pray for all the health care personnel at St. John’s Hospital, Bengaluru, and across the country, whose struggle in the current scenario is extreme.