Sister Conducts Medical Camp in Nepal

Jyoti Thattaparampil, SCN, shares the following:

A medical camp was conducted in Jajarkot by the Mobile medical team of Navjyoti, Surkhet. The team including Sister Jyoti T. Janga, Dolmaya, Uma and driver Mangal left Surkhet on the 9th December at 6 am. The long and rocky road was an adventuress route for the van to go through. On our way in 4-5 places the bull dozers were repairing the road which held our time. We reached a place named Cheda at 1pm and had our lunch. At 2pm we reached Baluwa. There due to the destruction of the road our van could not proceed any more. From there all the medicines, materials needed for the camp and the personal baggage of the team were loaded in to a tractor which was waiting for us at the other side of the road. The team also got in the tractor and we proceed our trip at 2.30pm. After half an hour of travel, the tractor could not move any further. The driver informed us that the diesel is over and it will take some time to go to the nearby town and purchase the diesel. So all the passengers including us got out of the tractor and started walking. It took almost 6 hours by walking to reach our destination through up hills, down hills, rivers, ditches and rocky lands in the dark. We were greatly relieved when we reached the place and found our hosts waiting for us with hot food. Since all our belongings were left in the tractor which never reached till the next morning we had to go to bed with the same dress.

On the 10th morning sick people from all over the places started coming to register their names. We started seeing the patients from 7-6 pm on 10th and 11th. 892 patients were seen and given medicines within these 2 days. Dr. Pawan from Jajarkot district hospital graciously accepted our invitation to examine the patients .The main sickness found were gastritis, neuritis, arthritis, Asthma, Bronchitis, eye, ear problems, gynecological problems and skin diseases. There were also special cases like mental retardation, double vision, burn contractors, hare lip, cleft pallet etc.

Prem and Ram Prasad, our staff in Jajarkot did an excellent job with advertisement about the camp. People came from far and wide walking many hours. The response of the people was amazing. It was an opportunity for us to see the difficulties faced by the people without having any medical facilities, electricity, transportation, proper roads, etc. and to reach out to them as much as we could.

The team members felt happy about the response of the people and the attempt taken to reach out to the under privileged. People are in great need of medical care in these remote villages. We need to look at it in collaboration with the local government. We are indeed grateful to Mr. Chris Fussner and the Nepal Jesuit Society for the financial support.

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