Sister Carole Kaucic: update from Botswana

First of all, I’m fine; internet was out in Lobaste, where I have been, but have now returned to Metsimotlhabe (the name trips off my tongue now), so can resume sending.The bottom right section of this map of Botswana is where the SNC ministries are located. Above the red splotch is — in capital letters, GABORONE, the capitol. Our work is in that general area, the farthest being an hour-and-a-half drive from there. This section is lovely, thought quite hot here now in the summer. Lack of rain, and therefor water, is a major problem in the whole country.

For a treat, Sr. Ann and I stopped at Debonairs Pizza for our supper. You will see later what we bought…

This is a photo of the president of Botswana Mr. Khama. He is the elected son of the first president, who was elected in 1966, when this poor country gained its independence from Britain. Ironically, the following year, 1967, an anthill brought up the first diamond found in Botswana. The country has grown wealthy because of the great deposit of diamonds here. Both the current president and his father have used the wealth to make major, drastic improvements in the infrastructure and in the lives of the citizens. Botswana is and has been since it became a nation, a peaceful country, unlike the rest of the African nations.The president’s photo is displayed in public establishments (and homes), including this pizza parlor.

Here is the vegetarian pizza we ordered: cheese, purple olives, mushrooms, pineapple bits and tomato bits. It was quite good.

Traditional huts are quite numerous in outlying sections of the country. More about this village later. The woman is getting water from the tank.

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