Silver Jubilee – Tendrabong

Around a thousand people gathered to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Tendrabong parish, Our Lady of Lourdes Church at the foothills of the Himalayas in Darjeeling district, West Bengal on Feb. 10, 2017. The main celebrant, Rev. Father Singdon Muktan, Vicar General of Darjeeling Diocese concelebrated the jubilee Mass with twenty-six other priests. There were eight religious Sisters besides the SCNs from Sangsay and Tendrabong and SCNs Aisha Kavalakkattu, Arpita Mundamattam and Rajni Hemrom.

The people of Tendrabong parish are proud to have many vocations from their parish within a short period of time. There are three religious Sisters belonging to three congregations, an ordained priest in the same diocese and two SCN pre-novices. Ringemit Lepcha, SCN, also belongs to Tendrabong parish. After the Mass, parishioners felicitated the invited priests, Sisters of Tendrabong along with Sisters Aisha and Arpita and the parish priest.

Parishioners took the lead to collect funds from the people. There are all together 250 families in the area, out of which 74 are Catholics. It’s a thinly populated area. Everyone contributed generously. The whole village celebrated the jubilee and shared the common meal prepared by the volunteers.

In preparation for the jubilee, people came together to repair the mountain road which connects them to the main road. The People of Tendrabong deserve our Congratulations and BEST Wishes as they walk to their Golden years!

Malini Manjoly, SCN

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