Published by Villages I and II Retirement Community, Nazareth, Kentucky 40048

May Day, before it became a military distress call, or synonymous with Russia’s show of military might, was a pre-Christian celebration for common people, welcoming the Sun and planting season. Saint-day designations and trade guilds furthered the traditions. Celebrants dined on village greens, dancing over-and-under around ribbon-wrapped May poles. They crowned queens of the May and left small May baskets of flowers or treats at doors of loved ones. May also gives homage to all mothers, and Cinco de Mayo for our amigos. But the Kentucky Derby, on first Saturday in May, over-shadows all. Begun by pioneers racing prized steeds, it now features silk-clad jockeys racing counter-clockwise on oval tracks, in revolt against British tradition. Relish the joys of May!

A Word from Sister Ann, Director
Thanks to the many residents who beautify Village grounds by planting, watering, and nourishing the flower gardens, barrels and pots. We appreciate your many hours of service. Flowers, shrubs and trees are visible from every window and help raise our minds and hearts to God with their beauty. Nazareth II scored 99A on HUD’s inspection. That means there were no health or safety deficiencies found. Congratulations, residents!

We’re So-o Green, honoring Earth Day with gifts of Poetry, Prayer, Plants and Art
Our Bread Lady, Martha Lewis – regular stroller of our grounds – who loyally carts us baked treats from Kroger – has painted her home light green. With black shutters and welcoming white door, it looks like a new home on the block…Small, comforting canine or feline companions are a privilege of residents. Well-trained, kept clean and quiet, on short leashes “heeled” to owner’s left side in hallways or on approaching people (many are afraid or allergic), led away from gardens (for urine kills plants), they are blood pressure-reducing, entertaining, welcome four-legged neighbors.

Noticed, Admired, Welcomed
Triglyceride readings were forgotten during our successful April bake sale…Dozens of delighted youngsters, including grandchildren of Barbara Thompson and Wanda Hambel and son and daughter of Michelle, skittered among grasses and tulips in the Village II courtyard, seeking Easter eggs…Welcome to new residents Cathy Talbott and Marie Arnold of Village I. Sister Liz Barry begins this springtime at home in Village II…Necklace designer Lois McFelia says she’s found unexpected new skills in Friday art classes, taught for over ten years by Bobbie Keeling…Kathleen Zawrotney enjoyed an April walk in the sun, but where did she get the ice cream cone?…Henry and Henrietta warmly embrace, on whichever bench they are seated. She sports a new perm and suspiciously bright smile, recently shared in their visit to Nazareth Nursing Facility, Louisville.

Spring Fashions
Wear “a coat of compassion, a sweater knitted with kindness, a hat of humility. Let your clothing be colored with cheerfulness, patterned with patience and decorated with the flowers of forgiveness. In this winning apparel, you shall…make our world a better place in which to live and work and celebrate life.”
By Mary Ann Schubert, shared with us by Flo Hobbs

Overheard in an Orchard
Said the Robin to the Sparrow, “I would really like to know
Why these anxious human beings rush about and worry so?”
Said the Sparrow to the Robin, “I think that it must be
They have no Heavenly Father, such as cares for you and me!”

Anonymous traditional verse, submitted by Paula Haigh, onetime Nazareth student, then teacher.

Just a Thought
“My profession is to be always on the alert to find God in Nature.” Henry D. Thoreau

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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