Published by Villages I and II Retirement Community, Nazareth, Kentucky 40048

A JOYFUL 30TH ANNIVERSARY with reflections, memories, bits of sadness, but years of appreciation – celebrates the opening of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s housing ministry in 1979. In former Nazareth College dormitories, the sisters pledged to provide safe, comfortable, affordable housing to persons who are elderly or disabled. The historic, architectural jewel that is Village II celebrates 20 years of ministry. In
discussion with Pete Mattingly, 23-year resident, Cuba Cook and Betty Graham, we learned of a one-time swimming pool, a produce garden behind the west carport, brilliant-colored walls, a first-floor store, and the first Nazareth Picnic, held behind Crimmins Hall. The first resident to move in was Mary Lee Burba, mother of present resident, Joyce Reynolds.

A WORD FROM SISTER ANN, DIRECTOR It seems appropriate that we who enjoy life at Nazareth Village pause during this anniversary month to be grateful: first, to God for our home and our life together here, grateful to the Sisters of Charity who were willing to take a big financial risk to make it possible, and to all residents – past and present – who have created and continue to create, daily, a special spirit – a spirit of caring and concern. Thank you for this.

IN LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, old-time favorite book of gardeners, author Kate Greenaway reveals ancient symbolism of flowers, herbs, trees: Yellow Chrysanthemum, slighted love; Purple Columbine, resolved to win; Daisy, innocence; Dogwood, desirability; Fern, fascination; Marigold, uneasiness; Scented Geranium, preference; our Goldenrod, precaution; Oak tree, hospitality; Weeping willow, mourning; Yew, sorrow; Zinnia, thoughts of absent friend. So, in giving or receiving Nature’s plant gifts, watch your language.

OBSERVED, ADMIRED, WELCOMED “Seek ye knowledge” and, in summertime heat, a good book can be a comfortable and worthwhile companion. It’s nice to see residents sharing and discussing enjoyed, inspiring volumes with neighbors…One “freebie” book yielded an unexpected bonus, a large check, turned in to S. Ann by a very honest finder. Some cash was found in another instance, fortunately, by another honest soul.

Be careful what you use for bookmarks…Tiny, affectionate Squirt, a four-months-old Chihuahua pup, has joined cheerful newcomer, Trish Hyman, spending relaxing time resting on her chest…’Good to see the Nazareth media-maid, Diane Curtis, sharing photos of her beautiful young daughter, in graceful Indian regalia and earrings, brought home by the worldly traveler/writer/photographer for SCN Journeys magazine…We enjoyed Christy Caldwell’s friends’ Talent Show and colorful displays of Bobbie Keeling’s Friday art students…We fruit-and-veggie dieters appreciate the fresh, summer produce quietly left for us by Jack and Beverly Montgomery. His mother – “a very sweet lady” – according to a staffer – had been a resident here and raised a very thoughtful, generous son…Welcome Village I newcomers, Patricia Buie, and to Village II, Doris Washer…Fine bakers among our residents are considering which of their favorite pastries will be tempting lures to the most-popular booth of our upcoming Nazareth Picnic, Saturday, August 22. Save your dimes and quarters for this delicious benefit!

JUST A THOUGHT “It’s easy to be independent with money, but to be independent with no money, that’s the Lord’s test.” -Mahalia Jackson

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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