A message from Philomena Kottoor, SCN – Provincial of Patna Province

COVID-19 has spread across multiple countries and infected thousands of people. The virus has caused more than 21,000 deaths worldwide so far. In the wake of the recent outbreak of Corona Virus in India, what can we do in order to prevent transmission? How to practice health precautions? How to educate ourselves as well as our people?

The Govt. has been doing its best to control its pandemic and we support all possible ways.

  • There was complete lockdown in the entire country on 22nd March 2020. It was to a large extent successful, as many places people remained in the houses, roads were free of vehicles, shops were shut and all modes of travel was suspended.
  • Again on the midnight of 24th March Prime Minister addressed the nation and continued the lockdown for 21 days more.

With the first Covid-19 death reported in Bihar on Sunday, March 22, 2020, the state authorities have stepped up vigilance by screening more than 5,000 people returning to the state from various metropolitan cities.

We have been taking the following preventive measures in Patna Province:

  • Education on preventive measures are given to Sisters, Nurses, staff, students, and co-workers.
  • Precautions such as isolation, hand washing, mask, gloves, sanitizers are provided in the hospitals and many of our local communities
  • Stopping staff and care-givers who are coming from outside to work in our houses.
  • Alternative measures are taken to care for our older sisters
  • Avoiding travel unless it is medical or unavoidable circumstances
  • Schools and hospitals are closed, only emergency services are given in Holy Family Hospital -Patna and Nazareth Hospital- Mokama
  • Referral Hospital, Mokama has asked Nazareth Hospital to keep isolation ward ready for the patients and is done.
  • Dr. Ancilla attends to all the Sisters and Dr. Shanti attends to the patients who come to the Emergency department as a safety measure.
  • Few of our Sisters who came from other states are self-quarantined in Nazareth convent “B” block, Patna and in Nazareth Hospital Mokama.
  • Most of our local communities made use of the SCN Prayer for Day of Worldwide Solidarity and Prayer.
  •  Sisters spend time in personal prayer, adoration, community prayer, etc. for the world community especially for the people who are suffering.
  • Few of our sisters are at home but safe.

Corona Virus has brought us closer to God, to one another and to the whole human family. The realization that only God can save us from this Pandemic attack.

The suffering of persons who are poor, who will be deprived of daily earnings and the agony of caregivers who have to take away the ventilators of patients who seem to be at the point of death, call us for change.

May we continue to respond to the Signs of the times as Catherine did with love and compassion especially to the victims of COVID-19.

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