Sister Amrita Manjaly shares an update from Bangalore, India

Hello Sisters and friends,

This is Sister Amrita Manjaly, Provincial of Bangalore Province, sharing an update on the situation of COVID – 19 in the Province. From the midnight of March 24, 2020, India has gone for a total lockdown for 21 days. Given the massive population of our country, it is only wise that we stay indoors to reduce the spread of the virus.

Many of our missions and ministries had already reduced their activities since the beginning of March. Some of the board examinations have been postponed and all other internal exams have been canceled. The states of Maharashtra and Kerala have so far reported the maximum number of confirmed cases. We are aware that the spread at this time rapid and alarming. Five communities of our sisters in these states are safe and confined to their premises. All others have reported that they are safe and staying home except for the buying of essential commodities.

We have been sharing awareness materials with sisters to increase our commitment to control the spread of COVID -19. Safety measures were shared with our staff, students and co-workers. Sr. Jessie Saldanha is busy 24 x 7, at St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore as the hospital prepares to meet the emergencies.

Since all renewal and retreat centers have been closed and participants were asked to return to their communities, our tertians had to alter their travel plans and are currently here in Chandapura, Bangalore. Some of us meet with them every day to guide them in their spiritual renewal.

Across the province, sisters have been praying unceasingly for the healing of the world. Some communities conduct Para-Liturgies for spiritual communion.

Like Mother Catherine who responded during her time, to the people suffering from various epidemics, we hold our humanity with reverence and express our great empathy to all those who are affected by this virus. We pray for their families, the care-givers and those in panic during this uncertain and anxious time.

We surrender ourselves to God and let God take control of our universe and be merciful to us human beings.

Amrita Manjaly, SCN

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