Self-help group creates awareness campaign

In Jharkhand State, especially in West Singhbhum, issues of violence against women is increasing day by day. Women continue to suffer from the issues of witchcraft. They are either killed, burned, or excommunicated from villages. To save the lives of women, self-help groups are being created for awareness. Women went to three villages to inform people through cultural dress, music, dance, and awareness songs. Women presented initiatives, on health, witchcraft, and the consequences of migration and traffiking, on Feb. 6, 2017, in a center of three villages, Simbia, Ichakuti and Pattaguira of the Sadar area. Around 500 people gathered. Violence against women taking place in the locality will be observed by the self-help group and women will take further action.

Kita Sinku, SCN

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