SCNs Take Initiative to Clean a Village

“Swachh Bharath, Swachh Musunuru” (Clean India; Clean Musunuru) initiated in Musunuru by SCNs under the banner of Preranalaya Social Development Centre, Musunuru in December 2014. The yearlong process commenced on the Dec. 20, 2014. 

Panchayat council members, OMI priests, women, school children, youth, village leaders, Preranalaya tailoring students, and PSDC staff gathered at the centre of village near the Grotto of the Sorrowful Mother (Pieta). The Campaign was inaugurated by Fr. Solomon OMI, Musunuru Parish Priest by the beating of the drum. Speeches by Mr. Sudhakar & Fr. Benjamin high lighting the importance of keeping the village clean as it is part of the National Program “Swachh Bharat” (Clean India). Placards and slogans attracted more people along the way. 

The melodious drums by the local people added to the enthusiasm of everyone and completed the cleaning of the main road in the village within an hour. A pledge was made to keep Musunuru and its surroundings clean. Thank you to Sudha Rani Jonnalagada, SCN, who played a vital role during the campaign and rally.

Musunuru is a beautiful village and people will have to play an active role to keep the environment clean and safe for living. We have taken the first step towards it.

Ann Moyalan, SCN

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