The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth opened a new home to empower women and children from the deprived sections of the society in East Nepal, Dharan on Jan. 28.

It’s a new initiative at Munal Chowk at the heart of Dharan town. The property is donated by ‘Tom Hughes Memorial Trust’ started by late Tom Hughes, a philanthropist and a long time friend of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in Nepal.

The Parish Priest, Father Davees, SDB blessed the house in the presence of Mr. Meharman Giri, head of Tom Hughes Memorial Trust, Sangeeta Ayithamattam, SCN, provincial, Aisha Kavalakattu, SCN, coordinator of Nepal/Himalayan Region, Dharan School Community Sisters, SCNs Teresa Madassery and Philomina Hembrom.

Sister Sangeeta inaugurated the house by cutting the ribbon.

Mary Margaret Nirmala, SCN, welcomed the guests to the event, and also recalled the immense services of Mr. Ranjit Rai, the contractor and Sarita Manavalan, SCN who toiled to bring the structure to its present status.

Sisters Sangeeta, Aisha, Bibiana Kindo, Father Davees, and Mr. Giri lit the lamp to symbolize the enlightening presence of God. Following the ritual of blessing, Sister Sangeeta offered a prayer of blessing for the initiative that would empower the lives of women and children of the neighboring communities.

Sister Sangeeta also thanked all donor agencies who believed in SCNs. She offered gratitude to the skillful contractor and laborers and sought God’s abundant blessings on them all.

It was a moment for all present to recall God’s blessings on SCNs in Nepal. The abode will be a place where SCNs will continue the early school education for the neighborhood communities.

The prime focus, however would be to make it a place of empowerment of women and children from the deprived sections of the society.

SCNs Philomena Hembrom and Teresa Madassery will live there and initiate the educational and social apostolate respectively. The Congregation wishes both of them and the team of SCNs in Dharan many blessings.

Sister Mary Margaret Nirmala, SCN

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