Grannies Respond is a group of grannies on a mission. They are outraged by the cruel and inhumane way our government is treating immigrant children and their families who have risked all to find refuge from violence and oppression. The group is traveling in caravans, making their way to McAllen, Texas. Yesterday they made a stop in Louisville. Adeline Fehribach, SCN, Amina Bejos, SCN, and Director of Social and Environment Justice Joetta Venneman joined the group to support their efforts.

“We’ve been around long enough to know right from wrong. We’ve spent our lives caring for others. And we won’t stand for this.”

Grannies Respond is making their way to McAllen, Texas with an arrival date of August 6. They are coming from all across the United States in six caravans. They hope the caravan grows and plan to take some action once in McAllen. More information and updates of their travel is at

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