SCNs in India are reaching out to the brother of an SCN employee with much needed medical care. The ill man has very little, and was recently diagnosed with cancer of the mouth. He is 45 years old and is married with three young children. He cannot afford treatment. SCNs Vimala and Cecilia have reached out to the man. Sister Vimala made arrangements for the gentleman to receive radiation at one of the hospitals in Patna. She also arranged for further care with a doctor, and much needed medication to apply to his wound. The cancer patient has so little that he has not even been able to afford dressings for the open wound or proper nutrition. The patient is not able to open his mouth or eat solid food. He can barely manage to swallow food in liquid form. SCNs have been helping him with both dressing of his wound and liquid nutrition. 

Doctors feel the prognosis is not very good, but the man’s family has great hope that he will recover. Ongoing prayers are asked for this man so that he will receive ongoing help, access to further treatment, and a miracle with the grace of God.

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