by Rose Riley, SCN
When we received the letter from the National Association of Letter Carriers announcing the annual Food Drive on Saturday May 12, the Sisters at St. Louise responded immediately. All those who wished to donate, contributed to a fund to be used to buy nonperishable food for the drive. The donations were very generous. Some Sisters volunteered to take the money and go to the grocery store to buy food. The decision was made to use Aldi, because of lower prices. There was also a trip to Dollar Tree to buy paper products. The total amount collected and spent was $318.80. The Sisters stored two huge stacks of food and paper products in a storage room waiting for pick up.

To prevent shock, the mail carrier was shown the stacks before Saturday morning. He said “I can’t take care of this amount.” He called the office for a special truck to come pick up the donation. The goods were taken to a local food pantry in Pittsburgh, the North Hills Community Outreach.

The Sisters have been very generous and will make life better for several hungry families. They have a very good reason to feel good and thank God for all their blessings.

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