On March 8, SCNs in Surkhet, Nepal, gathered in honor of International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

Sister Cecilia Simick, SCN, shares these thoughts and photos from the day.

Dear Friends,

Nameste from Surkhet. I would like to share some photos of the Women’s Day celebration in Surkhet. Lots of preprations were done to celebrate the day. Several meetings and plannings of governmental and NGOs took place more than a week before and the various activities were planned to mark the day.

Various games and competitions for young and older women were conducted and the prizes were sponsored by different groups of NGOs. The Navjyoti Center took a very active part in all these (you can see in the photos). Our women won the volleyball tournament too!

The rally began in the morning from Manalgadi Chauk (a center place). Various groups of women with their banners and slogans such as “Equal rights for women,” “Violence against women should be stopped,” “Women should have a rightful place in the family,” “Women have the right to education, & health care,” and “Long live the womens movement.”

The Navjyoti womens group was the largest group to come for the rallies in their pink saries with black blouse among the goup there was quite good number of Muslim women who took part in the rally. Our women, Tharu women came in their ethenic costumes and danced all the way with mandal, cymbals, whistles, and the sound of claps.

Everyone appreciated the way our women took part in the Women’s day. The Minister of Peace and Reconstruction Mrs. Satya Pahari was the chief guest. Various women leaders gave inspiring speeches, performed dances, and recited poems. It was indeed a remarkable day for all the women as well as for the men who had come to see the program. We hope the enthusiasm will continue to help women to move ahead.

With love,
Sister Cecilia Simick, SCN

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