SCNs are reaching a milestone this week, having crocheted nearly 1000 protective covers for water filters. The covers are placed over water filters to protect them from sustaining damage in case they are accidentally dropped. 

This is just one of the many ways SCNs parter with Louisville-based Water with Blessings, the organization that provides these filters. Last year, SCNs were part of urgent efforts to get several hundred water filters into the hands of survivors of the April earthquake in Nepal. (As the Nepal Earthquake anniversary of April 25 approaches, Diane Curtis is gathering more stories on how SCNs helped respond to the natural disaster, and how efforts are ongoing.)

Last April, following the earthquake, time was running out for victims, who desparately needed access to clean water. SCNs in Kentucky and in Nepal worked together to make sure the much needed filters made their way to families. In the weeks following the earthquake, an Ursuline Sister emphasized the importance of getting water filters to Nepal. “What kills people after all kinds of natural disasters — what kills people more than the disasters — is the dirty water,” said Ursuline Sister of Mount St. Joseph Larraine Lauter, the executive director of Water with Blessings. “Time is of the essence.”

All around the world, Water with Blessings supplies the water filters to mothers in struggling communities. The organization sends the filters with groups that are already going to these communities for service work. Before their trips, these groups learn how to train mothers to use and maintain the filters. The recipients are required to share their filters with other nearby families.

The hand crocheted covers help to protect the filters and make sure they remain in tact. At the SCN Motherhouse in Nazareth, Kentucky, Sisters have tirelessly made one filter cover after another. Sisters all over campus are engaged in this ministry, like Sister Rosemarie Kirwin, Barbara Joseph Lammers, Evelyn Hurley, and Mary Elaine Zehnder. Sister Mary Elaine has crocheted dozens of the covers and spoke today of how she enjoys staying busy and working with her hands, to have a meaningful impact on a family that may be living on the other side of the world.

Other Sisters donate money to help purchase supplies, like yarn. The Sisters engaged in this ministry should arrive at their milestone of 1000 covers any day this week. If you would like to get involved, please contact Sister Rosemarie Kirwin.

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