Weekly Justice Highlights

  • In the Spirit of St. Vincent: Urge U.S. Senators to renew unemployment insurance for millions of Americans who find it difficult to make ends meet. If Congress can act to protect tax breaks for corporations, might the Senate also provide a lifeline to unemployed families? Action can be taken by clicking here.
  • Challenging Unjust Structures: Urge U.S. Representatives to vote against any effort to restrict transfers out of Guantanamo Bay where some prisoners have been imprisoned for more than a decade without trial. Additionally, about half of these detainees were cleared for release years ago. Action can be taken here.
  • Care of Earth: Civil society groups and social movements from the global South are inviting individuals to contact U.S. members of the Green Climate Fund Board – Leonardo Martinez-Diaz, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment and Energy, Alexander Severens, Director of the Environment and Energy Office, and their adviser, Matthew Cranford, all at the US Treasury Department, to create an “exclusion list” preventing the Fund from financing dirty and destructive energy projects by clicking here.
  • Urge U.S. Senators to co-sponsor a Constitutional Amendement to overturn McCutcheon and Citizens United by clicking here.
  • The LCWR invites individuals to write and call world leaders demanding they continue their efforts to help rescue the girls who were abducted in Nigeria. Action can also be taken here.
  • Call U.S. Representatives (1. 202.224.3121; Charges apply) and urge them to oppose sending any manpads to Syrian rebels and support Rep. Conyers’ amendment on the National Defense Authorization Act to explicitly prohibit the transfer of these weapons. Manpaids are shoulder-fired-anti-aircraft weapons that can be used to shoot down civilian aircraft and can easily fall into the hands of terrorists.
  • Urge U.S. Representatives to write legislation that breaks down programs that include factory farms, GMO Salmon and Wall Street and incorporates “fair fish” policies that allow any fisher (no matter how small) to earn a living by clicking here.
  • Since March 2013, an estimated 20 percent of Central African Republic (CAR)’s population, as many as 900,000 people, has been displaced and at least 2,000 killed. The May 31/June 1 weekend is designated as a time to pray for peace for the people in the Central African Republic with various resources available from Catholic Relief Services. Backgrounder is located here. Prayer service is located here. Intercessions are located here.
  • May 15 in Louisville: Individuals are invited to join activists from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM in the Douglass Loop area (2200 Bardstown Road) to demonstrate in remembrance of the victims of the Nakba (“catastrophe” referring to the events of 1948, when many Palestinians were displaced from their homes and lands without the right to return) and to demand justice for Rasmea Odeh (Palestinian community activist arrested at her home in Chicago suburbs in 2013 for allegedly falsifying information on her immigration application. Can’t make it to the demonstration? Sign a petition in support of Rasmea by clicking here.
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