Weekly Justice Highlights

  • Care of Earth: March 7 is the deadline for final comments regarding the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Secretary of State, John Kerry will finalize his recommendation to President Obama who will make the final decision. Individuals are invited to urge President Obama (1.202.456.1111 charges apply) and Secretary of State John Kerry (1.202.647.4000 charges apply) to be leaders and reject the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline to protect the planet.
  • Challenging Unjust Systems: Individuals are invited to urge Louisiana authorities (Attorney General Caldwell) to free Albert Woodfox, the last Angola 3 prisoner. A year ago, a federal judge overturned Albert’s conviction and was the third time his conviction was overturned. However, Louisiana filed an appeal with confinement to a tiny cell with no visitors. Action can be taken by clicking here.
  • Urge U.S. Senators (1.888.853.7037, NO Charges) to vote to restore Emergency Unemployment Compensation and to vote against harmful amendments like cuts to the Child Tax Credit that may be offered as the legislation comes to the Senate floor.
  • Urge the store, Costco NOT to sell GMO salmon by clicking here.
  • Urge U.S. Representatives to oppose H.R. 3826, the Electricity Security and Affordability Act that would limit the Environmental Protection Agency and allow unlimited carbon pollution.
  • After urging Home Depot to take leadership in protecting bees, there is good news, dialogue is commencing with Home Depot regarding chemicals known to harm bees. Now, individuals are invited to urge Lowe’s to do the same by clicking here.
  • Kentucky: Join Florida farm workers (Coalition of Immokalee) on March 10 at 5PM at Wendy’s (Bardstown Road and Grinstead). The farm workers are on a 10 day multi-state tour to call on Wendy’s and Publix to join the Fair Food Program that includes a pay increase supported by “penny per pound”; compliance with Code of Conduct with zero tolerance for forced labor and sexual assault; worker-to-worker education sessions on rights; worker-triggered complaint resolution mechanism; health and safety committees on every farm and ongoing auditing of farms to insure compliance. More information can be found here.
  • Kentucky: On February 26, House Committee Substitute 1(HCS 1) to HB 31 (eminent domain legislation) passed from the House Judiciary Committee. The legislation will now move to House Rules, where House leadership can send the bill to the floor for a vote or recommit it to a committee. Calls to House Leadership in support of HCS 1 to HB 31 would be a good idea as well as calls to your House Members urging them to support HCS1 to HB 31 without any amendment. The Legislative Message Line (800-372-7181) and an operator will take your message. The message line is open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday thru Thursday, and until 6 p.m. on Fridays.
  • Kentucky: Citizens are invited to urge KY Senators to take up HB 64 and expunge criminal records. The bill proposes to allow ex-offenders convicted of only ONE class D felony to petition the court to expunge their criminal record. It has already passed the House with strong bi-partisan support and awaits a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. If the Class D offense committed was a sex offense, an offense related to elder abuse, or an offense committed against a child, then the court is not allowed to expunge the criminal record of the guilty party. Action can be taken by clicking here.
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