Seamstresses at St. Lawrence Church in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky have sewn T-shirt dresses to send to students at The Little Mountain School in Guatemala. The school has an English immersion program that prepares children to obtain gainful employment after they graduate from High School so that they can support their families and not need to emigrate. Marcie Heil, SCNA, chairperson of the Peace and Justice ministry at St. Lawrence initiated the program. 22+ dresses (as well as 22+ T-shirts and shorts for the boys) were hand-delivered to the school in January. We are deeply indebted to Jo Paulin, SCNA, and Betty Anne Hamilton, SCNA, who instructed the seamstresses on how to make the dresses! The school was founded and is supported by Guatemalan Educational Outreach (GEO), Inc., an ecumenical non-profit organization in Lexington, KY that recently was awarded an SCN Ministry Grant. Go to to learn more.

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