Above, the group begins work in the Greenbrook neighborhood.

Volunteers of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have arrived in Houston, Texas, late Tuesday evening to begin work. Some of the volunteers are working with St. Bernard Project (that was founded in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina) removing mold from the walls of the homes of the people affected by the flood waters. The rest are working on food stocking for the distribution center of The Free Indeed Church in Northeast Houston.

Sister Luke says, “We all have been overwhelmed by the kindness and thoughtfulness of so many people. Last night at one of the local restaurants, a man named Hosea Cortez, paid for our supper and thanked us for coming to assist in the cleanup efforts. This morning, at McDonald’s, our coffee was paid for by Raymond Rachel, who thanked us for coming South. The group is energized to begin our service work. The team decided that I needed a Texas cowgirl hat. Keep us in prayer.”

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