SCN volunteers arrived in New Orleans on monday evening Oct. 5. They are joyed to stay with Sisters Monica, Claire and Mary Lex at the House of Charity. Since their arrival, they have been working in collaboration with St. Bernard Project assisting the Jackson family.

The Jackson’s have raised six children in the lower Ninth Ward, where they have lived since 1972. During Katrina, they went to the Convention Center, where they waited with 20,000 other lost and traumatized people. The atmosphere was charged with fear and anxiety and it was more than the family could bear. They eventually moved to Dallas. When they returned home they found nothing but mud, debris and broken furniture. The family set to work, gutting, cleaning up and hanging drywall. They soon discovered the drywall was contaminated. They had to tear it all down and start over again, from scratch. They have received help from several groups throughout this long journey. It’s been frustrating, but the kindness of others is what gives them hope.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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