After being warmly greeted upon their arrival in Gaborone, Botswana late Tuesday, four SCN volunteers spent Wednesday touring the hospice in Metsimotlhabe and visiting Divine Mercy, the local church, and a preschool. The children were eager to meet the new visitors and shared a joyful song and dance as they practiced for their graduation.

Afterwards, the journey continued to Kanye, where the volunteers began their work painting the interior of the church in Ntlhantlhe accompanied by a local helper and Father Adolph. Much progress was made after sanding, cleaning and completing 1-2 coats on most walls. After a long day of working and sharing some laughs, the entire interior of the church was transformed from a green color to a more neutral shade of paint.

The volunteers will complete the final coat of paint, interior trim work and also have plans to tackle painting the entire exterior of the church as well during their mission trip. Please pray for their strength and good spirits as they continue with their ambitious endeavors!