On the 14th of August 2013 the five new SCN candidates in Bangalore, known as the ‘Freshers’ had a Talent Day comprising of cultural items, painting and other artistic creations.  The programme was multi-linguistic and multi-cultural – including Chinese ribbon dance, retro dance, depiction of the parable, ‘The Good Samaritan’ in modern youth idiom, solo singing in Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi and Kannada.  An emotion-filled speech about leaving home and the three-minute movie, ‘At Nazareth’ featuring their life in the Candidacy were also part of the program.  The humourous comparing added to the fun and laughter.  The sisters, pre-novices and student candidates enjoyed the programme thoroughly.  Sr Rita was the backbone of the event. At the end of the programme the Provincial, Sister Ann Palatty spoke a few words of appreciation and encouragement – she pointed out that that the choice of items had an underlying spiritual flavor.  Congratulatory words poured in from all present. The ‘Freshers’ were happy and satisfied at the end of their talent day.