This weekend, over 100 Sisters and Associates attended the program at Nazareth, entitled “Open to God’s Action: Journey toward Flourishing Community.” Jeanne Connolly, Ed.D. served as the presenter.

On Saturday evening, an SCNA Commitment Service was held at St. Vincent Church. Congratulations to Jim O’Connell, Marie Underwood and Beth Vetter who made first commitments as Associates and to the Associates who renewed their commitments.

(Pictured above: Mary Elizabeth Miller, SCN; Jim O’Connell, SCNA; Mary Anne Burkardt, SCN; Marie Underwood, SCNA; Angela Hicks, SCN; Beth Vetter, SCNA; Sangeeta Ayithamattam, SCN; Jo Ann Paulin, SCNA Director)

See photos here.

See archived video here.