The Sisters gathered outside the Garden Entrance of St. Louise Convent in Pittsburgh, Penn., yesterday to say a prayer for a historic journey. The Sisters also prayed for the safe journey of Corrine Giel, SCN, and Michaelette Pavlik, SCN, who are driving to Nazareth, Ky., bringing with them a substantial collection of the SCN archives.
The prayer group was divided into two and the prayer stanzas were alternated. The final verse was recited by all as Colette Baran, SCN, blessed the truck and its contents and drivers with holy water. Then all sang “St. Vincent Dear and St. Louise.”
The following is the prayer that was used:

Blessed are You Lord our God, for you have created a wide and wonderful world
in which to travel and settle down in one place or another.

We ask your blessing upon these archives as they are about to leave on a journey
from Pittsburgh, PA to Nazareth, KY.

May You, Holy Guide of Travelers,
Be ever-near, spreading the road before them.

Free that road from harm and evil
and send as their escorts the spirits of Mother Emerentiana and the Pioneer Sisters
who journeyed from Europe to America in 1902.

On this journey, may these records take with them
the hearts of the former Vincentian sisters of Charity
wrapped in peace and joy
as they join the hearts of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in the one congregation they now form.

May these historic records have space for a mystic map
to enable all to read invisible meanings
of the many events of the journey of the Pittsburgh sisters from 1902 to 2008 .

Always displaying your Sacred Presence and your Divine compassionate love
may these archives present the events of this journey, the beautiful and the bad
as the mystery of Your holy plan.

May the blessing of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit be upon these historic records throughout this journey; may it shield them from all harm and take them in safety and in peace to their new home in Nazareth, Kentucky.


The prayer was adapted from Edward Hays’, “Prayers for the Domestic Church”

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