Easter Blessings!!!

God, in Christ, redeems not only the individual person but also the social relations existing between humans. We are truly Easter people; we are communities defined by hope, hope not only for ourselves but also for the transformation of the world. We are the possibilities that the Risen Christ has given to the world. During this joyful season of Easter, may we be witnesses to the impossible, recognizing with hope, wild possibilities in our hearts and in our communities, building a new, just, peaceful, and corruption free world. May our faith move toward action and our relationship with the Risen Christ be seen in our response to others!


Abha Beck, SCN St. Xavier’s H.S. Hostel, Lupungutu

Elizabeth Lobo, SCN Principal, Nazareth School, Chandapura

Jayanti Marandi, SCN Chetanalaya, Rajgir

Kitamai Catherine Sinku, SCN Nazareth Social Centre, Sangsay

Lilly Joseph Vellanayil, SCN Sanjeevani, Vasai

Maria Palathingal, SCN Archivist, Mokama (August ’11)

Mary Chackalackal, SCN Nazareth Convent, Anakkampoil (Oct. ’11)

Mary Kadaparambil, SCN XITE, Jamshedpur

Paulina Kerketta, SCN Acting Headmistress, St. Michael’s School, Sale

Prabha Kujur, SCN Teaching, De Britto School, Gomoh

Selvam Vedamuthu, SCN Aha Kiran, Dharuhera

Sheela Barla, SCN Navjyoti School,

Surkhet Sushila Telra, SCN St. Xavier’s School, Mokama

Sushma Ekka, SCN Nazareth Vidya Niketan, Chatra

Swati Tirkey, SCN St. Michael’s School, Sale

Tarcisia Hembrom, SCN Nazareth School, Banakal

Vimala Karakattu, SCN Nazareth Hospital, Mokama

Appointment of Newly Professed Sisters

Angela Lepcha, SCN Vimala Vidyalaya, Bakhtiarpur

Celestine Reshma Pais, SCN St. Joseph’s School, Barauni

Emilia Tudu, SCN Gyan Deep Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur

G. Helen Sathiya, SCN Nazareth School, Chandapura

I. Maria Savari, SCN Marian English Medium School, Anakkampoil

Jetti Swarupa Rani, SCN Navjyoti School, Shapur

Paska Mary M., SCN Nazareth Health Centre, Kutuderi

Sonali Sonamoti Soren, SCN St. Dominic School, Sangsay

Sushila Bahanda, SCN St. Joseph’s School, Mandair

Studies – 2011

Anita Murmu, SCN BA, Ranchi

Arul Jothi, SCN B.Sc. Bangalore

Chandrakala Tigga, SCN BA, Ranchi

Francisca Kindo, SCN B. Sc. Ranchi

Hilda Lobo, SCN M. Ed

Josephine Arul, SCN BA. Bangalore

Jyoti Kerketta, SCN Vasai, MA. (Part time Teaching)

Mary Bincy Joseph, SCN BA. Vasai, Maharashtra

Mukta Marandi, SCN BA. Ranchi

Nutan Kujur, SCN B.Ed. Patna Women’s College

P. Jansal, SCN BA. Vasai, Maharashtra

Rose Toppo, SCN B. Ed. Patna Women’s College

Ringemit Lepcha, SCN B.SW. St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu

Sushila Marandi, SCN BA. Ranchi Swarnalatha L., SCN B.A., Ranchi

Tertianship – 2011

Agnita Bhengra, SCN IMD, Goa

Jyoti Bara, SCN  IMD, Goa

Margaret Barwa, SCN IMD, Goa

Sabitha Pereira, SCN IMD, Goa

L. Sahaya Mary, SCN Patna IMD, Goa

Mark your calendar

Perpetual Vows

SCNs Magdalene Maghia, Nutan Kujur, Prabha Kujur, Rose Toppo and Sushma Ekka will profess their Final Vows on May 15 in Mokama. Elveera Pereira, SCN will profess her Perpetual Vows at Nazareth Convent, Chandapura, Bangalore on May 22nd. The Vow Class invites the presence of all SCNs on their Profession Day.

Province Jubilee Celebrations

The Golden and Silver Jubilees will be celebrated on October 9, 2011 at Nazareth Convent, Mokama.

Bicentennial Celebrations

The opening of the Bicentennial Celebration in Eastern Province is on December 3, 2011 in Mokama. The Committee would like to inform you that various groups will be given responsibilities to make the celebration a meaningful one. The Committee will contact you shortly.

Silver Jubilee

Navjyoti, Shapur will celebrate the Silver Jubilee of its beginning on October 19.


Congratulations to you Nimmie (Mary Margaret Nirmala, SCN), for the successful completion of your Doctoral studies in Mathematics! 

Vimala Rani, SCN, who got an all round and Academic Proficiency Certificate during the College Day on Mar. 19.


Olive Pinto, SCN will be in India from mid-May to mid-July. She will spend some time in the Province and family. Sandesh extends a warm welcome to you, Sister Olive!

International Women’s Day Celebrations

Sheela Palamoottil, SCN along with 50 women from four Non-Governmental Organizations held a picket in front of the Collectorate of Wayanad district in Kerala in support of their demands. They sought a separate court for women to try cases under the Domestic Violence Act, shelter home and stringent punishment to those guilty in the rape and murder of a woman recently in the district.

In Andhra Pradesh, Lilly Luka, SCN organised a group of 250 women. Rajkumari, Assistant Superintendent of Police, addressed the women. She apprised them of the consequences of early marriage and exhorted them to take up education and vocational training.

Roselyn Karakattu, SCN in Patna sat in protest with Bihar Women’s Network to demand 33% reservation for women in Parliament, due rights in local governance, prohibition and justice to a recent victim of sexual abuse.

In Mokama and Goswari Blocks, the Nazareth Hospital Sisters celebrated with 2,000 women and the theme of the day was ‘Men and Women Equal’. The Community Health staff put up a street play – ‘Woman: This is Your Story’, showcasing the plight of women from birth to death and how their lot could be changed by forming associations. The women of Mokama had a street play – ‘She is Coming’, depicting how illiterate women can change systems effectively. The women marched through the streets of Mokama town shouting slogans on women’s empowerment: “We have realized that we are equal to men and have the right to live with dignity and honor”.

SCNs Rena Fernandes, Cecily Velleringatt and Deepika, SRA celebrated the International Women’s Day along with women prisoners of Gaya Central Jail. The women divided into three groups shared their joys and sorrows of life as a woman. Most women shared that no woman should be kept in prison for more than three months as it affects the lives of their children.

At Navjyoti, Shapur the 250 village women who gathered to celebrate the day went to the local police station as part of creating awareness that the police is supposed to protect people. Mary Dang, SCN apprised the women on the importance of education for girls.

Retired women members from Lion’s Club sponsored the Sports Day for 200 children belonging to the non-formal education centers, Asha Niwas, Chakarpur American Montessori School, and H4 of Gurgaon on the eve of March 8. Asha Niwas children delighted the audience with various drills and aerobics. At the end of the program all participants were served a sumptuous dinner. It was a day of great pride and joy for all especially for the Lion’s Club members for they celebrated the day giving life and hope to the poor and deprived children of the locality.

The candidates at Chandapura, Bangalore took the initiative under the guidance of Teresa Xavier to organize a program of awareness as well as celebration. All the professed sisters in the house joined their efforts gladly.  The evening commenced with a procession around the campus shouting slogans on women’s liberation and empowerment.  All along the procession path were “speaking statues” of women who have made a difference in India, and consequently in the world. Some of these were late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, late Ms. Kalpana Chawla, Blessed Mother Teresa and Saina Nehwal, badminton champion of India.  The procession culminated in a short program of role plays, depiction of biblical stories, songs on empowerment of women, etc.

Senior professed sisters narrated the history of celebrating Women’s Day on 8th March, (emphasizing the fact that this year marks the centenary of the celebration) and enlightening the younger ones on the realities of the status of women today, and the need for sharpening our awareness as well as working towards women’s betterment in society.   The initiative and enthusiasm manifested by the candidates to raise everyone’s consciousness towards women are indeed remarkable.

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth celebrated International Women’s Day in a novel way highlighting atrocities on women across India.


The children of Asha Niwas, “House of Hope,” have moved in to their new residence, Asha Kiran, “Rays of Hope” at Dharuhera, Haryana. Asha Kiran offers the children a safe environment, an opportunity for learning and a chance to believe in their own worth and dignity. A simple blessing ceremony was held on Mar. 21.

True to its name “The House of Hope”, Beena Chirackal, SCN and Sisters were able to give not only hope but were able to rescue a girl from the ‘domestic maid racket.’  Sangeeta, a young girl of sweet seventeen knew very little when she boarded the train with her village Aunt that she was being taken to be a domestic maid in Delhi.

First Vows

Nine Second-Year Novices professed First Vows at Nazareth Convent Chapel in Mokama, on April 2. “Amidst family, friends and SCNs, we, Angela, Emilia, Helen, Maria, Paska, Reshma, Sonali, Sushila and Swarupa committed ourselves to God which really give us a sense of pride and belonging to the SCN family.

The Vow Mass was simple and very meaningful with melodious music. The colorful entrance dance by the first year novices added vibrancy to the celebration.

Rev. Alwyn D’Souza, S.J, Mokama Parish Priest presided over the Mass with seven other priests. Father D’Souza challenged us to be the salt that adds taste to the life of the poor and to be light where people still grope in darkness.

We professed our Vows into the hands of Sangeeta Ayithamattam, SCN Provincial, Delegate of the President. She also gave us the SCN ring in a meaningful ritual. Basanti Lakra, SCN Vice Provincial presented us with SCN medal.

During offertory, we offered Suniel, a two year old boy, whom we had the privilege of rescuing and caring for during our mission experience at Chetnabharati, Chatra.  His grin and the light in his eyes made our commitment worthwhile.

Most of our family members came to be with us and experienced the pride with tears of joy as they offered us to God and God’s people. Sister Sangeeta announced our new mission and we are excited to reach the place after our juniorate program followed by a visit home. We feel gratitude to our God, family and SCN Community for making this day possible for us. We are hope filled for a beautiful life ahead in the service of God and humanity.” The Newly Professed Sisters

Catherine Spalding Centre Initiates Program for Women

On Sunday, April 10, 2011 morning, Catherine Spalding Center for Women and Children opened its doors to 90 (ages 14-17 years) children domestic workers.  These young women were welcomed by Sister Basanti Lakra, SCN Vice Provincial, who spoke of Catherine Spalding’s vision for women and how SCNs would like to further that vision through the ministry for women on the margins.  Father Chetan IMS then spoke of the collaboration with SCNs, and how this collaboration would be effected over this year through programs and other events of training and education.

The program for these 90 young women were centered on their sharing of experiences of their lives, their desire to move forward and study. 13 Sponsors were also present at the event.  These sponsors have agreed to accompany these young women financially so that they can complete high school and move on to other occupations instead of being domestic workers, or for those who wish to be domestic workers – be better equipped with culinary and other skills. The program for the young women ended at 2:00 PM with a simple lunch.

At 2:30 PM the campus was crowded with more than 250 women domestic workers (some with their small children).  All participants filled the hall and the Staff members of The World Diabetes Foundation, Denmark and Dainik Jagran made a power-point and film presentation on Gestational Diabetes and its Management in Selected Districts of India.  Dr. Kiran, member of the Foundation lectured along with the presentation. Sister Shalini D’Souza, SCN along with the Chief Guests -Drs. Kiran, and Navina, and two Domestic Workers, lit the lamp and initiated the prayer.  

The women participated in the program whole heartedly, asked questions, and entered a lively discussion on the issue.  The Denmark Dainik Jagran then awarded gifts from the Foundation for the alertness and interest of the participants. These gifts were presented to the women by SCNs Rekha, Ann Moyalan, Shobhita, Shalini and Jessie. Sister Jessie, Administrator and Coordinator of the Nazareth Convent Local Community was in full attendance, and mingled with the participants.  The presentation ended at 4:30 P. M.

After the Presentation on Gestational Diabetes, Father Chetan announced that the Bill on the Minimum Wage Act was passed by the Jharkhand State Government. The Women gathered in the hall had participated in the promotion of this Bill over the past several years.  Therefore, the news was received with much clapping and joy. This Bill will come into effect on June 1.  Women Domestic Workers will be readied over these next two months to promote the contents of the Bill and to take personal action towards its implementation.

The women leaders took over the program and presented 5 rickshaws to families on a loan basis.  Each family will make an appropriate return of monies – to cover the expense of the rickshaw (Rs. 8,000), on a weekly or monthly basis.  The return of the monies will then purchase other rickshaws.  Scholarships of Rs. 5,000 each were also awarded to one couple- newly married; a woman who had a recent accident and two women who are beginning small businesses.

The afternoon program ended with snacks and tea at 5:45 pm.  A big vote of thanks was given to SCNs for the preparation, participation and collaboration of the event. Shalini D’Souza, SCN

“Girl Up” Initiative of the Western Province Faith Group

The “Faith Group” of SCNs Dorothy MacDougall and Clare McNeil is enabling two girl children from Shapur to enroll in the school through their initiative. They have chosen two girl children, Pika Kumari from the Musahar Community and Malti Murmu, a Santhal, who were not able to go to school because their parents are utterly poor. The Faith Group will be financially supporting their education. For Sisters Dorothy and Clare, the seed for the idea came from an article in the February 14, 2011 edition of ‘Time’ magazine about the U.N. Foundation Initiative called “Girl Up”. Sisters Dorothy and Clare then shared this idea with the Executive Committee. The Sisters see this Faith Group initiative helping them to develop a relationship with an SCN community in the Eastern Province and at the same time helping them to allow a girl child to have the opportunity to reach her potential. What a beautiful and inspiring initiative from the WP Faith Group! May many more Faith Groups and Local Communities be inspired by the initiative of Sister Dorothy MacDougall and her Faith group. Sister Dorothy’s Faith Group and Shapur Community are already making efforts to connect with each other through their concern for Pika and Malti.

Change of Phone number/ email Ids

Sokho: 8809317271

Finance Office, Patna:


Mary Elizabeth Miller, SCN:

South Province:

The following Sisters express gratitude: The newly professed sisters are grateful for welcoming them into the SCN Family and for the well wishes, presence, gifts and prayers.

  • Sister Teresa Xavier extends her love and deep gratitude to all the sisters for the loving support, prayers, phone calls and emails after the death of her brother Varghese.
  • Sister Nirmala Mulackal is grateful for the prayers for her sister Mary Michael

Please pray for the following who are sick:

  • Ajit Kindo, brother of Bibiana Kindo, SCN
  • Somu Thomas niece of SCNs Ann Scaria and Mary Scaria
  • Thomas Simick, father of  Cecilia Simick, SCN
  • Augusta Powers (Gussy) sister of Ann Roberta Powers, SCN
  • Suchita Kujur, SCN

Remember the following deceased in your prayers:

  • Juliana Soreng, mother of Meera Bilung, SCN – Mar.15
  • Michael, nephew of Philomina Hembrom, SCN – Mar. 24
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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