Golden/Silver Jubilee
The twin jubilee celebrations of Golden and Silver brought many SCNs from far and wide to Nazareth Convent, Mokama on 24 October.  

Srs. Anne Marie Thayilchirayil and Ann George Mukalel celebrated their 50 Golden years in the SCN Family while Srs. Elizabeth Lobo, Philomina Bading, Saleth Mary and Saroj Visuvasam celebrated their Silver years as SCNs. 
The main celebrant, Fr. Alwyn D’Souza, SJ, concelebrated the Eucharist with Frs. Thomas Olikathotty and Manoj Kumar, SJ amidst melodious singing, dancing and other rituals.  The beautifully decorated chapel revealed the aesthetic sense of the first year novices.  

Sr. Anne Marie gave a meaningful reflection after the gospel.  She recalled their past experiences during the pre-Vatican era and thanked God for the providence and protection they experienced throughout their lives as SCNs. 

The celebrations came to a fitting conclusion by the hilarious entertainment given by the Novices and Local Community Sisters.  The just concluded retreat and discernment sessions spiritually enriched the jubilee celebrations. Sr. Joel Urumpil                    
First Discernment Session 
The first Area-Wise meeting held in Mokama on October 22 evening to 24th afternoon began with a ritual outside the Chapel. Approximately 75 SCNs attended.  Sr. Sangeeta welcomed the group, spoke of the importance of a reflective atmosphere and a sense of deep silence.  She expressed her hopes that we would be open to hear the “Spirit’s whisperings” in our hearts and thoughts.  

Sr. Sangeeta then led Sr. Ann Roberta Powers to light the fire while Sr. Anne Marie Thayilchirayil called upon the presence of God and the Universe to bless the flames and to enlighten our hearts and minds as we entered the sacred process of discernment. The flame was then given to Sr. Sangeeta who in turn spread it among the Sisters. Participants of the session were danced into the Chapel by the young sisters to the song Keepers of the Flame.  Two members held the banner that had the theme of the Area-Wise Meetings: Finding God in Our Transition: A contemplative Journey.

The SCN Psalm of Discernment- a power point presentation traced the 63 years of SCN life and ministry in the Eastern Province and was followed by a time of silence and reflection. Sisters then entered into the movements of Discernment – that of emptying, awakening, becoming aware of where their gifts could best be used for the glory of God, prophetic action and integration.   
The corporate reflection process was used and was accompanied by meaningful rituals. At the movement of prophetic action based on information collected forms were given to each sister so that she could indicate her preference of Province. Sisters took time for contemplation and for entering the heart to listen and discern God’s Word in this particular decision. 

All took time in prayer and silence to withdraw and to internalize values, deepen faith and overcome resistance. The forms were then handed over to Sr. Sangeeta in a ritual, as the participants anointed themselves with fire and sang “Daughters of Catherine”. 

The two days ended with expressions of gratitude voiced in a poem composed by Sr. Marianne Puthoor for the Resource Team – Srs. Shalini D’Souza, Vinita Kumplankel and Marcelline Indwar – and joy for what God has accomplished in us over these days.

SCN Sandesh is happy to announce that Srs. Lucy Puthukkatt and Lilly Luka are chosen for the Vincentian pilgrimage to France from 2-14 August 2011 in a lucky-draw on 24 October. We wish you blessings as you prepare yourself for this privileged pilgrimage! 

Bicentenary Celebrations
The Congregational Bicentennial Committee has been at work in preparation for the coming Bicentennial celebrations in 2012.   The Committee meets regularly through Skype.  Many of you were part of the brainstorming sessions when the CLT was in India in 2009.  The committee will be in touch with you again.  

UN/NGO Commission Sessions/ SCN Ministry Committee                              
Sr. Mary Basanti Besra will attend the SCN Ministry Fund Committee meeting at Nazareth, KY in January 2011. She will leave for Nazareth in the first week of January.  

Sr. Mary Basanti will participate in the UN Commission on Social Development from 2 – 11 February in New York before returning to India by the end of February.
Sr. Leena Padam will participate in the UN/NGO Commission on Social Development and the Commission on Status of Women from February to March 2011 with a short internship at the UN.  She hopes to leave for the U.S. at the end of January and return by the end of March 2011.

Global Exchange Programme 2011
Srs. Alice Mulavelipuram, Deepa Thekecheruvil, Kiran Kaniyam-kandathil and Shaila Vattamattathil are approved for the 2011 Global Exchange by the Executive Committee.  Congratulations and best wishes to you, Sisters, as you prepare for this sacred journey to our holy grounds at Nazareth.

Spalding Hurst, a communication specialist from OCA Office will be on a visit to Eastern Province from 24 January to 13 February 2011.  He will visit as many ministry places as possible to get an overview of the communication needs in the Province.  Along with giving technical assistance, he would assist with digital documentation of our ministry activities wherever needed.  A very warm welcome to you, Spalding! Mokama

Fr. Alwyn D’Souza, SJ, the new parish priest of Mokama was installed during the Sunday liturgy presided over by Rev. Archbishop William D’Souza, SJ, the Archbishop of Patna, Fr. Devasia Mattathilani, the Vicar General, Fr. Joy Karayampuram, Patna Jesuit Provincial, a few other priests, Sr. Sangeeta Ayithamattam, SCN Provincial, SCN Sisters, and the faithful parishioners on 19 September.    

The mission in Mokama was started by the Jesuit priest, Fr. Marian Batson, SJ, in 1936 and so it was a joy to have them back again at the service of the parish. The Diocesan Priests who have contributed greatly to the growth of the mission were remembered gratefully.

Mokama will have a team of four Jesuit Priests and Brothers to look after the various needs of the parish.  Sr. Jane Karakunnel

Botswana SCNs Celebrate Tin Jubilee                                           
Botswana SCNs gathered for a Eucharistic celebration at   Metsi-motlhabe   church, presided over by    Rev. Bishop Valentine Seane, Bishop of Gaborone, followed by dinner at the convent on the occasion of their 10th anniversary of the Mission.  Emeritus Bishop, Boniface Setlalekgosi joined the group for dinner.

Srs. Mary Elizabeth Miller, SCN President and Angela Hicks, one of the pioneers, were present for the occasion.  Of the five pioneers, Sr. Sarita Manavalan though absent was very much remembered during the celebration.

The bishop thanked the SCN/As for their commitment in ministry to the people of Botswana and requested that Sr. Mary Elizabeth to send more SCNs to Botswana. 

SCNAs, the priests and sisters who journeyed with the SCNs in our initial days in Botswana and the three parish priests where we are ministering now were invited for the celebration. Sr. Vinaya Chalil

The youth of Lupungutu had a Eucharistic celebration on 3 September to mark the Year of the Youth.  The young boys and girls were welcomed with arati and tikka by their mothers. The parents of the youth took an active role and conducted the choir for the Mass.  

The youth are really very generous with their time and energy. After the Mass, we discussed how to celebrate the Year of the Youth and they were served breakfast by the SCN Sisters. The twenty-five youth present were extremely happy by our thoughtfulness and hospitality.

Eighty Cruz Veer children renewed their commitment during the Eucharistic celebration and promised to be soldiers of Christ through their good deeds and actions on 14 September.   The children had Bible quiz, Bible role plays and group action songs to broaden their knowledge of the Bible. Sr. Victoria Kujur SCN, Madhuri Lakra, SCN candidate and the teachers played a great role to prepare the children for this day.

The students of St. Xavier’s Middle School Lupungutu, Chaibasa, celebrated the ‘Hindi Divas’ with interclass competitions of essay writing, elocution, and poem recitation on 14 September. The students took out an awareness rally on the importance of Hindi language as the official language of the Union of India.
Some of our students took part in different competitions conducted by various institutions and organizations in Chaibasa. Out of the 450 who took part in the G.K. competition, Manish Purty, a Class VI student from our school secured II prize.  Other competitions held were Drawing, Rangoli, Fashion show and Yoga. Sr. Saleth Mary 

Twelve-year-old Buddi Ari was speechless and the tears of joy and gratitude just rolled down her cheeks when she stood up for the first time with the help of a prosthesis after a long 15-month medical and emotional journey.  

As a three-month-old baby, Buddi was burnt.  Poverty and ignorance of her parents and the lack of availability of medical facility made her crippled.  During one of our mobile clinics, Buddi’s father brought her to us. After having studied her history, we brought her to Navjyoti Centre and treated her at the government Regional Hospital where she made quick progress.  Thereafter, we made arrangements for her reconstructive surgery in Kathmandu with the help of generous donors. Buddi and her parents are very grateful to the Sisters and the benefactors for the care and the assistance they gave them.  

Buddi is a Class III student in her village school and she wants to continue her studies.  Buddi is able to smile now and she is looking forward to a bright futureSr. Cecilia Simick 

Candidates’ Annual Gathering          
Candidates from four Religious Congregations presented a role-play on their patron saints at a gathering at Nazareth Convent, Chandapura, Bangalore on 9 October. The role play depicted the zeal, the motivation and the very dynamics of their religious life. 

The host, Sr. Suchita Kullu conducted a group discussion on the role play in which all shared their thoughts and reflections.  We, the SCN Candidates led the choir for the Eucharistic celebration. 

It was a great opportunity for us to know our fellow candidates from other Congregations. We could share our thoughts and ideas very freely and we learnt much by listening to one another. The programme ended with a talent-show.  We look forward to many more of such gatherings to exchange views and ideas with one another.   We wish to extend our sincere thanks to all the Sisters who helped us to make this event a memorable one. Jyothsna G. & Rose Manali (Candidates)

UN Experience
Sr. Brenda Gonzales SCN and I were privileged to attend the UN orientation program conducted for the Vincentian Family members along with 25 other participants.  

I felt great to know that we are one of the representatives at the UN.  Now I am aware that we belong to a global family and I feel challenged to be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the globe.   

The UN Millennium Development Goals became very clear to me and I asked myself, “What have I done to achieve these goals?   What can I do now, as the care taker of God’s earth and all of creation?”  

I learned how we can represent ourselves at the UN and make our voices heard and be a voice for the voiceless by thinking globally and acting locally.  Sr. Gracy Mlakuzhyil

Change of e-mail ID/Phone:
Sr. Cecilia Simick:
Dharuhera: 01274 242023
Sr. Lucy Puthukkatt: 9162107639

With Gratitude
Sr. Lilly Joseph and her family express their gratitude to all the Sisters for the loving concern and support shown through phone calls, e-mails and prayers at the time of her brother- in- law’s death.  

Prayers for the Sick
George Rathapillil, brother of Sr. Janice Rathapillil who is suffering from liver cirrhosis
Jesuraj, brother of Sr. Sheeli Chinnarani who had a heart attackJoshy Mathew, nephew-in-law of Sr. Bridget Kappalumakal who had a brain surgery                                     Bridget, aunt of Sr. Rose Toppo, who is suffering from cancer

Remember them in your prayers
Aleykutty, aunt of Sr. Beena Chirackal, expired on 7 October
Biasus Tigga, brother -in- law of Sr. Clementia Xalxo, expired on 13 October                                                    Suresh, brother-in-law of Sr. Rupmuni Susheela Hansdak, expired on 19 October

Kunjuvareed, uncle of Sr. Beena Chirackal expired on 19 October

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

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