SCN Sandesh wishes all its readers and well wishers a very Happy Feast on the Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul on September 27!

“It’s certain that, when charity dwells in a soul, it takes possession of all its powers…” St. Vincent

“Love is endlessly inventive”. Let these words of our Patron, Saint Vincent de Paul encourage us to be creative and inventive as the ‘Year of Consecrated Life’ calls us to ‘live the present with passion! The time has come for a new creativity in charity. As Pope Francis said let Jesus be really our first and only love to be empowered to love every person who crosses our path. Let our commitment to the mission entrusted to us be the witnessing sign of ‘Consecrated Life’ for our people! 

Appointment of Coordinators

  • Sr. Janice Rathappillil – Gaya
  • Sr. Jyoti Thattaparampil – Surkhet
  • Sr. Prisca Bilung – Barauni

Ministry Meeting: The combined health and social action ministry meeting is in Mokama from September 19-20. Forty-four Sisters in education and pastoral ministry gathered in Mokama for the strategic planning for these ministries of the Province from 11-13 September.

Ongoing Formation: The OGF Directors, Sisters Marcelline Indwar and Rita Puthenkalam are organizing a three-day prayer and reflection on the ‘Year of Consecrated Life’ for the finally professed Sisters from the year 2009-2014 from 17-19 October in Mokama.

Leadership Development Program for Young SCNs: The Executive Committee approved a Leadership Development Program for younger SCNs to be held at Nazareth from October 22 – November 8, 2015. Sisters Nutan Kujur, Ringemit Lepcha, Rose Toppo, and Sabitha Pereira from Patna Province will attend this program.

Co-ordinators’ Meeting: The annual meeting of the local coordinators will be from November 21-22 at Nazareth Convent, Mokama. Sisters, please make sure to attend the meeting and inform the administrator, Sister Elsa Ezhaparambil, about your arrival.

Vatican II Retreat: The Vatican II Retreat, “The Enduring Significance of Vatican II: A Spirituality for Our Time,” will be held from January 2-3, 2016 in Mokama for Patna Province. The retreat will be presented by Catherine E. Clifford who is a professor and director of the Graduate Studies Program in Systematic and Historical Theology at St. Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. She is the author and editor of numerous books and articles. Her research interests include sacramental theology, ecclesiology, and the Second Vatican Council.

SCN Pastoral Sisters Honoured: Sisters Mercy Thundathil and Jane Karakunnel were honoured in recognition of their lifelong pastoral services in the Archdiocese of Patna during the annual pastoral council meeting at Navjyoti Niketan on August 26.

Crisis Management Training: The newly formed Crisis Management Committee members, Sisters Anita Anna Tigga, Kitamai Catherine Sinku, Malini Manjoly (Chair), Mary Joseph Pamplaniel and Rena Simon Fernandes conducted the crisis management training in 24 communities in Bihar, Jharkhand and Nepal. Thirty-five Sisters and the ten first and second year novices attended the training. The Committee will complete the training by September 25.

Global Exchange: After the seven-week global exchange experience in the US, Sisters, Deepa Theckecheruvil, Elsa Ezhaparambil, Kiran Kaniyamkandathil, Philomina Hembrom and Sudha Puthoor returned to India on July 31. They wrote: “… Thanks a million for all that you have done for us. We deeply appreciate your love, care, and concern for us. You are in our hearts and prayers. We miss all the Sisters and the Nazareth Motherhouse…”

Welcome: Sister Olive Pinto will return to India in October from Botswana. As we welcome her back to the Province, let us Congratulate Sister Olive for her Golden Jubilee. Congratulations!

Gratitude: Patna Province expresses gratitude to Sister Alice Chirackanal for her many years of service in the Province Finance Office. As the Secretary of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Society, Patna, Sister Alice has moved into a separate office for some time now. She has the additional responsibilities of helping the secretaries of other societies in the Province.

Congratulations to Sister Suchita Kullu who completed her Master’s degree in Formative Counselling from Manila, Philippines. 

Congratulations to Sister Deena Vazhaparampil for being elected as the President of CHAI. Deena, we wish God’s blessings on you and your endeavours!

Mokama Nazareth Hospital celebrated its 68th Foundation Day with an evening Eucharist and a cultural program followed by supper on July 18. The hospital has a daily average of hundred outpatients, (OPD) 10 emergency patients and in patients, (IPD) each. Besides the OPD, IPD and the emergency departments, the hospital also has well functional facilities such as Laboratory, Ultrasound, ECG and Physiotherapy departments. Around four thousand HIV/AIDS patients are registered with Nazareth hospital. They get OPD and IPD treatment at a concessional rate. From the ‘Link ART Centre’ around fifteen HIV positive patients receive free anti-retro-viral treatment. The hospital conducts monthly network meeting for 150 HIV positive women and has formed ten Self Help groups among them with income generating activities. Under the DOT program, around 110 tuberculosis patients got well and around 35 are under treatment.

Nazareth Hospital is the first hospital in Bihar to give professional OPD and IPD palliative care to the patients. The hospital has a home-care program in which sixty patients are given care in their homes. In taking care of the needs of the geriatric people, twenty-seven Self Help groups are formed among them and out of which 7 groups have opened bank accounts. The ‘After Care Home’ hosted 125 girls so far. Forty-five of these were rehabilitated back to their homes, 3 girls got jobs and one missing girl from Uttar Pradesh was reunited with her family. The girls are given vocational training such as beauticians’ course, tailoring, knitting, etc. They attend regular spoken English and value education classes.

Sister Latika Kottupallil

Mokama: Sister Mary Juliana Tuti (83) helps two domestic workers to read and write during their lunch break. It is heart rendering to see how Sister Juliana is actualizing one of the Congregation’s goals of education ministry to conduct literacy classes.

Gaya: Gaya Nazareth Academy gives coaching classes to neighbourhood children from classes one to five who attend the government schools. The classes are conducted after the regular school hours. Sisters Janice and Angela Lepcha visit the women inmates of Gaya Central jail twice a week. Some have shown an interest to become literate and acquire skills such as tailoring. Sister Anne Marie Thayilchirayil takes care of the tailoring classes for the young women from the neighbourhood. Except for one or two, all are Muslim girls. Though over 35 had registered for the six-month skills-training program, only 22 are continuing because of early marriage.

Surkhet: In Nepal, Navjyoti Centre continues to support the two hundred flood affected displaced families of Hariharpur, Bheri in Surkhet. The Sisters conduct regular health camps in the shelter areas. They are given free medicine and liquid chlorine (piyush). Pregnant and lactating mothers are given nutrition support. Free books and other necessary educational materials are given to around 200 children who are studying in the temporary school building.

Dharan: Navjyoti School, Dharan, uses its classrooms for conducting special classes for the poor neighbourhood children who attend Nepali medium school. Around 80 students from kindergarten to class eight, take advantage of this opportunity. Sister Marina Thazhathuveettil sees the patients and distributes medicine to the sick and the old in remote villages with an ambulance. Besides giving medicine, Sister Marina reaches out to the orphans, the poor, and those in need with food, hostel facilities for studies, and other materials.

Munal Path, Dharan, gave certificates to 35 young women who completed the skill training in basic computer application, cutting and tailoring, dress design, and beauty parlour on July 24. They also had classes in personality development, gender sensitization, and leadership.

Sr. Roselyn Karakattu

Kathmandu: Sisters in Kathmandu continue to reach out to the people who are affected by the April 25th and May 12th earthquakes in Koshidekha area and Baniyatar in Nepal.

FORUM Meeting: Sister Joel Urumpil attended the annual meeting of the Jharkhand FORUM unit from 18-19 July at Bagaicha in Namkom, Ranchi. Joel wrote, the FORUM, perhaps is being asked to be an agent to ‘deliver’ the people from the oppressive and tyrannical forces. The group would like to see a shift in the present formation program. They adapted the recent catch word – one must have the smell of the sheep – having the formation program among the people.

The following express gratitude:

Sister Mary Basanti Besra wrote: “My family and I extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you for being with us through your prayers, phone calls, mails and presence at the loss of my mother.”

Sister Abha Beck wrote: “I am grateful to all the sisters who reached out to me with prayers and phone calls, after the death of my youngest sister-in-law. My heartfelt thanks to each one of you.”

Sister Tarcisia Hembrom wrote: “Thank you so much Sisters, for your prayerful support and love. My family is grateful to all the Sisters for praying for us and especially for my sister.”

Born to Eternal Life:

  • Mammy (86) elder sister of Sister Gracy Mlakuzhiyil
  • Neeli Grace (40) youngest sister-in-law of Sister Abha Beck
  • Annakutty Joseph (75) sister of Sister Lucia Thuluvanickel
  • George Kurvila, cousin brother of Sister Ancilla Kozhipat
  • John Soren (34) brother-in-law of Sister Tarcisia Hembrom
  • Renu Simick (36) first cousin of Sister Cecilia Simick

The following ask for our prayers

  • Jismie, niece-in-law of Sister Josita Eniakattu
  • Aleykutty Abraham, mother of Sister Sudha Puthoor
  • Emiliana Pereira, mother of Sisters Elveera and Sabita Pereira
  • Hermagild Kottoor (Dr.), brother of Sister Philomena Kottoor
  • Susan Saldanha, sister of Sister Marietta Saldanha, aunt of Elizabeth Lobo and Usha Saldanha
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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