Geeta Kochettonnil | Nazareth Convent, Kakkavayal
Regina Ekka | Nazareth Convent, Gumla
Saroj Visuvasam | Rosary School, Dockyard
Suma Muthukattuparampil | Renewal
Magdalene Maghia | Navjyoti School, Shapur

Appointment of Coordinators
Nisha Chemmanam | Nazareth Convent, Anakkampoil
Elizabeth Jaya Rani | Nazareth Convent, Banakal
Celine Vadassery | SCN Niketan, Madiwala
Philomena Hembrom | Nazareth Lee, Sangsay
Cornelia Ekka | Nazareth Bhavan, Sokho

EC/EEC/NLBI Meetings
Sisters Sangeeta Ayithamattam, Reena Thruvankunnel, Basanti Lakra and Anupa Moozha have left on July 28 from Delhi for Nazareth, Kentucky to participate in EC/EEC/NLBI meetings from August 1-8. Please pray for the success of these meetings. Sisters Reena and Basanti will be in the country on August 10 and Anupa on August 13. S. Sangeeta will be returning on August 17.

SCN Community in Andhra Pradesh
The long awaited dream of opening a community in Andhra Pradesh will become a reality on September 5, 2009. Rt. Rev. Prakash Mallavarapup, Bishop of Vijayawada will bless the SCN house in Musunuru at 5:30 pm. SCNs, Lilly Luka, Swarnalata and Shiji (candidate) will be moving into Musunuru by early August to prepare for the opening. The Province extends special blessings to the pioneers as they begin life and ministry among the people of Musunuru.

Coordinators Meeting
Exploring understanding the ways of imbibing Jesus’ model of leadership was the theme for the four days meeting of Coordinators in Nazareth Convent, Ranchi from July 16-19. S. Margaret Shanti, ICM, the resource person guided the Sisters through a PowerPoint presentation for a personal soul-searching to where one stands in emulating Jesus’ model of leadership. Forty-five SCNs, together with PLT, Board Members, formation team and OGF Coordinator were present.
Rita Puthenkalam, SCN

Please Mark Your Calendars

  • Social Action Ministry meeting will be held in Nazareth Convent, Ranchi from September 7-8.
  • Health Ministry meeting will be held in Nazareth Convent, Mokama from September 19-20.
  • Health Center Incharges please note: A day-long training for SCNs working in rural health centres is organised on September 18 at Mokama by SCNs Dr. Shanti and Latika Kottuppallil.
  • Education Ministry meeting will be held in Nazareth Convent, Mokama from September 23-25.

Attention Coordinators
Please send the personal Mobile Numbers and E-mail IDs of your community members to the Province Office Secretary, HYPERLINK “mailto:scnp1@sancharnet.in” scnp1@sancharnet.in or by letter. If your institution has a separate mobile number and E-mail address please indicate.

A missionary on the move: What awaited S. Bridget Kappalumakal on her arrival to Kathmandu airport was unimaginable. She had to walk seven kilometers to reach the SCN house. The political uncertainty that is prevailing in Nepal today makes it impossible to make prior plans. Various groups call for bandhs on any day. Bridget was happy to be part of the uncertainty and unpredictability of events that people of Nepal experience.

Bridget also made visits to Surkhet, Dharan, Sangsay and Tendrabong and four SCNAs. In Surkhet, she joined the Navjyoti team and collaborators to clean the villages as part of World Environment day.

On her way to Dharan another bandh awaited her at Biratnagar airport. Bridget was forced to take a pillion ride on a motorcycle for 45 minutes with all her bags and accessories. Though scared she knew there was no other way to reach Navjyoti, Dharan. She was relieved to spot S. Marina Thazhathuveettil at the end of the journey.

All through her journey, Bridget was touched by the courage and the pioneering efforts of our Sisters in their ministries.  She is grateful to everyone for their hospitality and graciousness.
Bridget Kappalumakal, SCN

Fourteen eager, young women will be travelling to Bangalore with S. Leena Toppo to join the candidacy at the end of July. For the last three months Leena and the Community were conducting a three-month Come-and-See program for twenty three young girls in Gumla. They have been exposed to the Charism and history of the Congregation and its ministries. They also had classes on spoken English, and Hindi. Hats off to you Leena, for your hard work throughout the year!
Leena Toppo, SCN

Khorimahua SCNs announce the Silver Jubilee celebrations of their community on October 17, 2009. All are invited to join as they thank God for all the blessings they have received during the past 25 years. A special welcome to the pioneers and all those who have ministered in Khorimahua!

Happenings at NH: As part of its Flood Relief efforts, nine health camps were conducted by a team of six Doctors and Nurses in Shapur, Madhepura in June. About 4800 patients were attended to and provided medication for various illnesses and disorders. From dawn to dusk without food, water and proper shelter SCNs Aruna Kerketta, Celine Saldanha, Latika Kottuppallil, Dr. Shanti James, Tessy Varghese, and Miss Pinki Rani tirelessly cared for all who visited the camps.

Ayurveda clinic has been able to treat many chronic cases successfully under care of Dr. Satyapal, PG Diploma in PanchKarma (BHU) from July 2009. The clinic is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily.

Second year Novices are busy at Nazareth Hospital taking temperatures, making beds, feeding the patients, and seeing to the needs of every patient cheerfully and confidently as part of their emersion into the healing ministry of Jesus.

A new batch of students will be arriving for General Nursing by mid-August. Hospital Assistants Training began on July 1, 2009 with twenty two students. A six-month Lab Assistants Training also commenced from July 1, 2009 with three students, under the direction of S. Alice Mulavelipuram.

HIV/AIDS Training Program for Staff Nurses
: ‘Global Fund for AIDS/ Tuberculosis/ Malaria Project’, an Indian Nursing Council and CBCI undertaking, is sponsoring 24 Training Modules of five days each at Nazareth Hospital. S. Latika will coordinate these trainings and she will be assisted by SCNs Alice, Lilly Thomas Madathumkunnel, Nirmala Mulakel and Tessy who have completed the Training of Trainers Program in Kolkata. Staff Nurses from government/private hospitals in Bihar will be the participants. The first module will begin from on August 10. Please support these efforts with your prayers.
Nirmala Mulakel, SCN Administrator

A pleasant and soothing voice you have heard from S. Cassilda Castell whenever you called the Provincial House in the last seven years. She has reached out to many of us in the province with love and compassion as Secretary to the Provincial and the Society. Cassilda is moving out of the Office for renewal in August. The Province extends a big ‘Thank You’ to you Cassie as you move on to renewal and then proceed to work in the Eastern Province Development Office, Delhi.

Arunodaya Social Work Training Centre welcomed 24 young women for the new academic year on July 6. During the inaugural prayer service, SCN Provincial, Sangeeta Ayithamattam encouraged the young women to become ‘sunshine’ – what Arunodaya (Sunshine) stands for.  She exhorted them to work hard and to become agents of social change in society. Fr. Devasia Mattathilani, Vicar General of Patna Archdiocese and Sebastian Kanekatil, SJ, Vicar General of Buxar Diocese was present to bless and to encourage the new comers.

It is heartening to note 70% of the graduates are employed by various NGOs in Bihar and Jharkhand.
Roselyn Karakattu, SCN

Bicentennial Committee
Bicentennial Committee members from Eastern Province Sisters Cecelia Simick, Jessie Saldanha and Susan Tudu met with the Committee members from Western Province on July 17 through Skype from Patna. It was an amazing experience for the participants and the meeting lasted for four hours. It was the first meeting in preparation for the Bicentennial celebrations which will commence from 2011.
Jessie Saldanha, SCN

Vimala Karakattu, SCN
SCNs in Patna gathered in Kurji Holy Family Hospital Chapel for a prayer service to anoint and to mission S. Vimala Karakattu for ministry in Botswana on July 25. SCN Vice President, S. Teresa Kotturan, SCN Provincial, S. Sangeeta, Ayithamattam and the elders from the group anointed with oil Vimala’s forehead, ears, eyes, lips, hands and feet as a sign of being sent. She was commissioned with a Cross to go forth to serve God’s people in Botswana. S. Sangeeta presented her with a platter of seeds as a sign of new life to be planted, nurtured and cherished in the new mission.

Vimala left for Gaborne, Botswana from Mumbai on July 31. She reached safely and all SCN/As welcomed her warmly.

Five young and vibrant candidates Amal Rani, Asha Kattepogu, A. Stella Mary, Asunta Rose Kujur and Reema Tigga were received into the Pre- Novitiate Program in Ranchi on July 3, 2009 by SCN Provincial, Sangeeta Ayithamattam. Prior to their entrance they were led in prayer and reflection for three days by Fr. Arvind Kullu, SJ. It was a memorable event for these young women.
Arpita Mundamattam, SCN

Flood Relief Work continues in various villages around Shapur in collaboration with Seva Kendra, Patna and Nazareth Hospital, Mokama. 15 houses were repaired by replacing the grass-roof with tin sheets. 50 new hand pumps are installed and 75 repaired. 37 Village Units received Rs. 25,000/- each as part of employment-guarantee scheme. Pioneer Company, specialist in Agriculture conducted one-day training for 50 beneficiaries and 12 staff members. As a starter kit, the beneficiaries were given free seeds and fertilizer. In cooperation with Sulabh Sauchalaya, 50 toilets have been made. Nazareth Hospital conducted many health camps (See Happenings at NH above). All these activities are keeping the staff and the SCNs on the move to bring relief to the needy.
Mary Dang, SCN

UN Experience
S. Manisha Azhakathu had three days of UN orientation in New York. She also had the opportunity to participate in the Commission on Sustainable Development under the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the UN for two weeks. She attended the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples partially. She was inspired by the process of policy formulation and negotiations among the member countries on a consensus basis. NGOs were allowed to observe the sessions and also dialogue with the delegates to include appropriate concepts/measures in the policy documents. Manisha says: “We must work intensely as an NGO at the UN to see preferred changes at the policy level. Back home we must see that these policies are actualised in our own countries at various levels.”
Manisha Azhakathu, SCN

Change of Editor

Sandesh extends a sincere “Thank You” to S. Rita Puthenkalam for her many years of service as the Editor of SCN Sandesh! You kept everyone well informed and engaged. Rita is transferred to Bangalore. Best wishes for your ministry in Bangalore! Sandesh welcomes the new editor – Sister Malini Manjaly!

Communications Office
The Eastern Province now will have a Communication Office in the Provincial House, Patna. Sister Malini Manjaly is appointed as the Communication person for the Province. SCN/As are welcome to send news items and photos that you would like to publish in the weekly Newsline and in the Sandesh. Its lifeline depends on each of you!

Global Exchange Returns
SCNs Amala Valayathil, Stella Chullyil, Sujata Maliakal and Suma Muthukathuparampil have retuned on July 29 after three months of Global Exchange experience in US. Welcome back, Sisters!

Address/Phone Numbers

Please change:

Barauni Mobile: 9934238470
Anakkampoil: 0495 2276631 (S)
0495 2506337 (H)
Shalom E-mail: sennaz.alaya@gmail.com
S. Sushma Bodra:
Mobile: 09654513775
Email: sushmascn@gmail.com
S. Amelia Moras:
Mobile: 09654853990
Email: morasamelia7@gmail.com

With Gratitude
Thank you very much for your love, prayers and words of consolation that I received in person, through letters, e-mails and phone calls, at the time of my brother, James’ death.  My family and I did feel your care and support at this time of grief and loss.  I feel blessed to be part of this great family, our SCN Community.
Archana Valiaparambil, SCN

Did you know?
** Priya, a physically and socially disabled child from Mahji community in Rajgir is studying two-year Commerce Secretarial Course from VTI, Hazaribagh. She completed her 10th class with First Division from Chatra. She is the First Mahji Girl to reach this far!

Tendrabong villages are electrified.

S. Teresa Kotturan, SCN Vice President is in Patna waiting for the Status change in her Visa. She can be contacted on 09470412404.


The Sick:
– Shalini D-Souza – recuperating
from surgery

– Teresa Kotturan – recuperating
from surgery in Patna

– Vijaya & Vinaya’s brother-in-law,
Jolly diagnosed with brain

– Usha Saldanha’s father is
hospitalised with kidney failure.

– Kuttiyamma Kandathil, mother of
Sincy Sebastian Kandathil, SCN

The Diseased
– Bridget, sister-in-law of S.
Elizabeth Emmanuel expired on
July 13.

– Alexius Kujur, brother-in-law of
S. Lilly Beck expired on July 16.

– Mathew Panthaladickal, brother
of S. Shobita expired on July 18.

– Eugine Fernandes, mother of
S. Rena Fernandes expired on
July 24.

– Rashmi Murmu, first cousin of
S. Mukta Marandi expired on
July 28.

“Your crown shall be your works.” Mechtild of Magdeburg

“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.” Friedrich Nietzsche

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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