Republic Day was celebrated with much vigor and enthusiasm in the premises of Nazareth Convent Ranchi. On this occasion, Hon. Tanushree Sarkar of the Child Welfare Committee as chief guest and Sister Sangeeta Ayithamattam, SCN President, as a guest of honor, graced the Sisters, the candidates, and the Premashray family with their presence.

The national flag was hoisted by Tanushree Sarkar. The chief guest gave a wonderful speech. She encouraged the children to remember the two most important aspects of Republic Day, the constitutional rights of everyone to live life and each one should take up its roles and responsibilities to build up the country. She also said that we are honored by the presence of Sister Sangeeta, who had come from the U.S. on this great day. When we are celebrating Republic Day her presence acknowledges that she has a love for the country. Each of us is called to have a love for our motherland. Whichever country we may live in but we must have the love for the country.

The flag hoisting program was followed by a cultural program. The wonderful items were put up by Premashray Children and SCN candidates. Sister Sangeeta was welcomed with a bouquet and garland. We were blessed by her presence and felt encouraged by her valuable words. We are proud of her being here and celebrating on this day.

Mary Basanti Besra , SCN