Republic Day at Mokama Nazareth Academy

On the 68th Republic day of India, Sangeeta Ayithamattam, SCN, vice president, chief guest, hoisted the Indian flag at Nazareth Academy, Mokama on Jan. 26, 2017. She urged the students to keep their surrounding and the environment clean. In an interactive speech with the young students, she asked the children to encourage the girls to study and progress in life as Jan. 24 was celebrated ‘National Girl Child Day’ in India. Students exhibited well-coordinated drills and a beautiful cultural program. Parents of the children were present in large numbers in spite of the foggy morning. Congratulations to the students, teachers, staff and the principal.

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Republic Day Celebration at Nazareth Hospital

Nazareth Hospital goes plastic-free

On the 68th year of the Republic Day of India, Basanti Lakra, SCN, provincial, hoisted the flag at 7:45 am at Nazareth Hospital, Mokama on Jan. 26, 2017. The theme for the day was ‘plastic free environment’.

On this cold and foggy morning, the staff of the hospital portrayed the theme through human tableaus. One of the staff, Mustak, narrated various stages of civilization and its impact on human health and environment while a person dressed up aptly for the period came to the audience. The first period was the golden period, nomadic, during which the human beings were in sync with the environment and the universe. Later in the era of colonization, development and freedom, Mahatma Gandhi came as the messiah of non-violence, unity and freedom for the masses. The current modern age was depicted as a person who was full of him/herself, taking selfie, selfish, greedy and had no regard for anything or anyone, except himself, followed by a person fully dressed in plastic to depict the current condition of mother earth. The person was uncomfortable in the plastic dress and he polluted the earth. The effect of this plastic age is leading to life-threatening diseases among the people, animals and the environment.

The first tableau depicted very well one of the goals of Nazareth hospital to promote plastic-free campus. Eventually, the hospital would like to create awareness among the people of Mokama and to make Mokama as a plastic free zone.

The next human tableau was Satmurthi, (seven statues) depicted the pride of Patna, Bihar. Around six thousand students had gathered in Patna to hoist the Indian flag during the height of independence struggle in 1942. Though the British ordered the Indian soldiers to shoot in the air to disperse the crowd, the Indian soldiers defied their masters’ command. In retaliation, the British soldiers shot down seven students and many were injured. These seven considered martyrs of Bihar and are called Satmurthi.

Sister Basanti in her speech said that though we are a free nation, we are not holding our elected representatives responsible for the mishap in the society. As an Indian citizen, it’s our duty to see that the elected representatives do their work well to make India a better place for everyone.

Malini Manjoly, SCN

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