We are all so very busy. There is so much happening in our lives. work, home, family, church, society, and the world at large. Sometimes we wonder if we will have time to forget about COVID-19 and its demands to society. What to do and what not, sadness and happiness felt closely. It has been there but we felt it closely during COVID -19. Hence, we began to live each day consciously being aware of the surroundings, people, nature, and happenings of the world, etc. Our reflective and active movements have been meaningful. Nazareth Hospital continues to reach out to the poor people, people living with HIV and AIDs, positive (PLHIV) patients, and people who are affected by COVID-19.

The survey of the Gosaigaon-Poker is done to know how the coming days’ daily laborers are going to face this tough challenge of their livelihood. Many of them showed in collaboration with others as there is a small project being introduced to them that is goat rearing. The work is still going on. We also introduced how to keep safe from COVID-19. Regular patients to OPD have increased up to 40 to 60 per day. They all are instructed to move in a queue and wear a mask and wash hands before they enter the hospital. In order to educate people on COVID-19, there are few videos prepared creatively as well as information boards are put up in front of the hospital. Staff from the hospital outreach program visited PLHIV of Barauni and distributed the supplies and medicine to them. There are PLHIV patients from different places are approaching medicine. The work of mercy and goodness are always rendered risking lives and protecting oneself by taking safety measures.

Seema Joy, SCN

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