Sarita Manavalan, SCN, wrote the attached poem entitled “The Mother Earth” which was published in the April issue of The New Leader. It features “Care for our Common Home” on the occasion of Earth Day. For years, caring for the earth and the environment has been Sister Sarita’s passion, she advocates the cause of the Earth and loves working in the garden in Chandapura.

Gratitude to Mother Earth, Our Common Home
Sarita Manavalan, SCN

Mother Earth shows itself in various hues and shapes:
Valleys and mountains, beaches and rocks
Canyons and caves, fields and plains,
Creating harmony of an orchestra in nature.

Storing wealth and treasures for the hunters
Holding water and oil for the strikers
Inhabiting man and woman, plants and animals
For the artists and poets to dream dreams.

Cradling seeds till birth,
Routing food and water to roots,
Lifting all creatures to growth,
Giving justice to all equal measures.

Mother Earth, friend of the farmer, Medicine of the doctor,
Wisdom of the seeker, Life of the creatures.
Mother Earth is us, and we are the Mother earth.
If separated, we are nothing,
When united, we are One as the dancer and the dance.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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